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    tattooer at kings ave NYC
  1. this is great
  2. I attended this seminar when Chris was at Kings Ave in May. I highly recommend it. This one will be held at the London Tattoo Convention on September 25th, 2011. Don’t miss out….click on this link for ticket information:
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  7. i look forward to seeing this!
  8. i can vouch for that valerie as i was lucky enough to see it in the flesh....i love it. jack rudy is amazing. not to mention your good self. i love that black and gray lady you posted on your blog recently. beautiful work. ...and thank you for your kind words lochlan and romance & worship....
  9. hello and have a great day/night

  10. haha, i bet you were well disappointed when he didn't bring in that classic ref though, eh stew? like a mouse!!! who do you think is doing interesting tribal work as far as less established 'key names' go?
  11. do you think there are many younger 'up and coming' tattooers concentrating on doing tribal/blackwork? i'd be interested in seeing their work if's something i always associate with more established tattooers like leo zulueta
  12. ...thank you
  13. ....thank you