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  1. thanks scott! it's a great forum. i really enjoyed the freddy corbin interview

  2. haha, fucking hell! ah they cunts oot there are gonnae be like 'whaaaaa?'

  3. ahahaha.....chad was telling me about that. are you accusing us of anything?? :)

    actually, i did have a funny one the other day: 'is sarah schor expensive?'

  4. ...i only went and ruddy well opened a twitter account today.

  5. that'd be great if we're close by! i'm well thanks....we'll definitely need to catch up.

    your work's looking as amazing as ever by the way. see you soon dooooll.

  6. haha....hmmmmmm, not sure if i'm ready for twitter yet.

    see you soon!...you can tell me daft shit in person yo! x

  7. hey scott,

    this is a great site....just registered.

  8. yo! i finally registered....

  9. hey mario, i just registered...

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