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    Tattooing out of timeless tattoo Glasgow Est 2008
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    Glasgow city uk
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    Tattooing , cars , travel,illustration, work
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  1. Great work by Steven as always !
  2. Dissolution black works by Roddy McLean
  3. Tree of temptation works by Roddy McLean
  4. Woman /skull illusion by Roddy McLean
  5. Dissolution black works by Roddy McLean
  6. Dissolution black works by Roddy McLean
  7. Hi I'm a new member here , I tattoo out of Timeless Tattoo Glasgow (next to queen st station) Please take the time to check out my work , Thank you !!! :) My weblog is @ Roddy McLean Tattooer | Roddy Mcleans tattoo web Blog
  8. Roddy McLean

    Russian doll

    Tiny Russian doll
  9. Dissolution a sprinkle of magic by Roddy McLean Glasgow
  10. Dissolution by Roddy McLean Glasgow k hole
  11. Custom drawn by Roddy McLean
  12. Roddy McLean

    Genie dissolution

    My bubble theme continues
  13. Roddy McLean


    The dissolution themed sleeve ! Given away free
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