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    Rock n' roll, tattoos, my pooch and my wife.
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  1. Benjamin King


    By Myles Kimball at One King in Portland, ME.
  2. Benjamin King


    By Myles Kimball at One King in Portland, ME.
  3. Benjamin King


    Big ole hand by Jebb Riley at Congress Street Tattoo in Portsmouth, NH.
  4. The getting stared at in the store for being 25 and buying 3 tubes of prep h thing has happened to me.
  5. Lately I have been thinking I'd like to get both my kneecaps done at the same time by 2 different people. My wife thinks that there is a logistical issue with this in that one of the artists would need to be left handed so that they weren't working on top of each other, or one of them would have to be between my legs. Has anyone had this done? Is it possible? Artists, I need some input!
  6. I'm not gonna read through all 20 pages here to see in anyone has mentioned it, but I use Preparation H. Yeah, hemerrhoid cream. I was up at Adrenaline in Vancouver a little while back and Justin Cox turned me on to it. I was telling him about how I always had problems with big, thick scabs and up to that point I had never had a tattoo heal that didn't bleed out a little. He told me to put Prep H on it a couple times a day and lo and behold, every tattoo I've healed since I've used Prep H and they have all been perfect. Something about shrinking the blood vessels so they don't scab. I don't kn
  7. Thanks all! Glad to be here.
  8. For sure! Congress Street is one of my 2 go to shops when I'm at home. I've been tattooed by pretty much everyone that works there. As for stories, I'd say that I first started to get really into tattooing and knowing what I like about a year ago, after I got married. My wife and I decided that for our honeymoon, we would go to 4 different cities and get tattooed in 4 different shops. We chose the beautiful Pacific Northwest as our destination and flew out to Seattle with no appointments booked and all of our friends' money from the wedding gift basket. In Seattle we got a hotel and went ri
  9. Sunflower by Tony Sellers at Hobo's Tattoo in Portsmouth, NH.
  10. Arrowhead by James Faggiano at Bona Fide in Concord, NH.
  11. Cool little "cuppa caw fee" jammer on my left wrist by my friend James Faggiano at Bona Fide Tattoo in Concord, NH.
  12. Gypsy woman on my right triceps by Matt Lentz at Under the Needle in Seattle.
  13. My name is Ben, and I'm from New Hampshire. In the last couple years I've really started to "get" good tattooing and I've been amassing a pretty good collection of great traditional stuff from all over the U.S. My wife and I like to travel and get tattooed in new places, and I've heard this is the place to find great tattooers. Hoping this site will make planning vacations easier in the future! Cheers.
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