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    ShawnB here. I have a few tattoos and this site looked interesting since my wife and I are interested in getting some ink in Okinawa and Japan while we are living here. I'm a Gemini, Like cool walks in the mountains, tasty waves, and good beer. I get tattoos to commemorate events in my life and celebrate the people I love. Later Gator,
  2. Are there any suggestions for a good place in Yokosuka and Okinawa?
  3. I was wondering something similar regarding exercise. I just climbed Mt Fuji Yesterday. It's been a full 24 hours since I finished. I'm stretched, a little sore but not that bad. Today is one of the last days I can get a tattoo started before I leave. Any potential damage or reasons why I shouldn't get a tattoo done on my lower leg? Are the muscles swollen that long after exercise to make a difference in the outcome of the tattoo? I know it will likely be more painful and that's a consideration, but not a deal breaker. I just want to know if throws off the size and color of the tattoo
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