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  1. flipper is awesome! you are not alone. @reaperz
  2. great thread! no band tattoos yet, though i had some ideas. when i was 18 y i wanted to have that alkaline trio logo so badly! nowadays not so much anymore. what i can't get out of my head are some jawbreaker tributes, like a bottle of booze with a banner that says "kiss the bottle", or a pack of cigs with the line "cigarettes/they fill the gaps/in our empty days/in our broken teeth" out of that same song. i also found this, which seems to be a mirrored tattoo of the syringe that is on the back of my a jawbreaker shirt i had back in the day that i unfortunately once lost in a drunken rage: i could see that syringe done in a more traditional style or maybe stipple-shaded to make it look more antique... this is actually one of the next tattoos i want to get done as soon as i find the right artist to pull it off. anyway, i could cover my whole body in jawbreaker references i guess. i just love that band to death. sorry peops, but i have no idea why the pic won't show...
  3. after some months of lurking, i finally registered. really love this forum and how you guys gave me so much more insight into tattooing. i'm 27 years old from hamburg, germany. although i've been around heavily tattooed people since my late teens, i only happen to have one shitty small piece on my left inner bicep so far that i plan to get slowly covered by other tattoos. i'm glad i holded up on it though, because i feel now i have a much better sense of what suits me aesthetically. i dig traditional western and japanese tattoos as well as the dotwork/tribals of artists like thomas hooper. i also keep coming back to redrawing old school flash every few years because it's fun and challenging. i don't plan on becoming a tattoo artist though, i feel like if you have nothing fresh to give back creatively, you shouldn't take part in it(same reason i quit graffiti back in the day, ha). i'm looking to get at least one piece done until the end of the year if i can handle my current money issues. i'd like to go to chriss dettmer for a skull and a dagger of some sorts and i'm planning a trip to london next year to maybe get tattooed at into-you and/or frith street, also depending on the monetary situation(not trying to be cheap, just want to make sure i will also be able to tip accordingly) besides my increasingly growing interest in what makes really good tattoos, i've been a skateboarder for more than 15 years now and i enjoy playing the guitar, drawing stuff, some woodworking... my current work is printing artwork on skateboards, which sounds cooler than it actually is. i'd like to say thanks to you girls and guys for all the helpful advice i already got from here and i hope to become a useful and tastefully tattooed forum member as time goes by. cheers!
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