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  1. @Cork looking nice! Congrats on the progress brother! Your almost there and the rest should be cake for now on. Did about 2 hours of touch ups this past weekend and now I am officially done for a while before I start the front. I am sure everyone says that. Mike
  2. @ironchef @Reyeslv @Cork @Fala thanks guys! Truly humbling experience. Mike
  3. Last session in last night, minus an upcoming touch up session. Mike
  4. @misterJ thanks man! Looking forward to seeing progress with you back piece. Go to the thighs and don't look back. By the way...thought the area around the love handle area hummed a little more than the area you are worried about. Just make sure he uses a rotary so you don't hear it coming :) @suburbanxcore thank you brother! Some of my progress shots are in the thread but not all of them. Rodrigo Melo of Northstar Tattoo NYC is doing the work. @Cork next round of green should put it on point...can't wait! Kept the patterns to the minimum, colors as few as possible, and strong. Mike
  5. Maybe we can see which shows will be in the fall...we both should be finished by then. Mike
  6. About one session left to go...almost there. Have some more areas to hit & onto the touch ups. Mike
  7. @Cork as you know back is looking strong as hell! Won't hear no but jokes from me because I am in the same boat. I will say that you will enjoy when Dana colors in those flames...right of passage we all have to go through :) Really...still mandatory! Might hit a few conventions in the fall. I will post a pick up here later. Mike
  8. @Cork good luck brother... Be strong! Pulled another session on Sunday and only 1 session to go. Mike
  9. Looks dope as hell! Your sessions went by quick. Had the same issue with the first red we used on my maple leaves before we switched over to the Old Gold. Mike
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