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  1. Thanks! That's a good idea about calling shops. Lots of options in Ohio if I google tattoo laser removal but I was under the impression that not all laser places are created equal. Want to make sure I do this right.
  2. Hey guys and gals. Kore flatmo just finished my left arm and chest and we'd like to start my right arm and chest but I've got a tattoo that he recommended getting lasered prior to starting. I live in Ohio, any laser removal places anyone could recommend? I'd be willing to drive to surrounding states if needed. Kore didn't have any local recommendations.
  3. Thanks! I'll pass those along.
  4. Kore or mike would knock it out of the park. Kore does do quite a bit of japanese inspired tattoos...he is doing my foo dog/peony piece.
  5. Hey guys I've got a family member looking to get a traditional japanese style tattoo...dragon or koi. He'd like to stay in indiana if possible. I already recommended mike dorsey to him. Thanks!
  6. They was a mention on Robert pho Instagram that kore flatmo was going guest at his studio in Vegas.
  7. Great tattoo...it has a mike dorsey feel to it??
  8. Totally off subject but that tattoo is going to be awesome. My dad is actually in the process of setting up an appt with mason.
  9. Had my first sitting with kore last Friday and mason wandered in to chat with kore...super nice guy. That whole studio just has a great vibe. Good choice. Also don't follow the directions on mapquest...tells you to get off on an exit that doesn't exist anymore. Eat at melt down the street...it's awesome.
  10. My good friend just got tattooed by myke 2 weeks ago and it turned out better than I could've imagined. Not only is he a super nice guy but an amazing artist. He is tough to get an appt with persistence paid off and now my buddy has an amazing half sleeve.
  11. First appointment with Flatmo next Friday. Can't wait.
  12. He was digging around inside the wound to break up any pockets of puss...don't want to leave an undrained collection because it will just reaccumulate. Unfortunately I know this from first hand experience...drained many of these during my internship...the smell is unreal...we would coat the inside of our masks with peppermint oil
  13. What are you thinking of getting?
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