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  1. damn... taking a cheese grater to your face in an attempt to remove a tattoo...
  2. Did you get any work done at the Richmond Convention?
  3. You should visit James Kern's No Hope No Fear Studio in Portland.
  4. Maybe you should just have two or three different artists work on the back piece.
  5. some people just can't get enough pain
  6. It should keep the vibrant colors for a number of years. I wouldn't worry about it too much in your case.
  7. I'm looking to get Japanese script tattooed on my back. Is Japanese traditionally written horizontally like in the Western world? Or is it written vertically?
  8. Chap-- nice work. How old is your female pirate's head that's also in the pic?? It looks like the softer colors in that piece are aging well and not fading.
  9. I wonder what percentage of Mormons (or members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints) have tattoos?
  10. I wonder if any LSTers will have their work saved in formaldehyde after they're long gone.
  11. titforatat


    That's a good idea.
  12. titforatat


    you could get a robot or a Star Wars figure
  13. that's not bad... it's bad-ass! Save it for the memories and what you were into when you were 17.
  14. It'll be interesting to see how those darker colors in the "after" pic wear after about 10 or 20 years.
  15. That would be some wild shit if all the tattoos on this site came from one huge shop.
  16. I would drop by Rebel Muse in Dallas. All of the artists there do great work.
  17. Keep that Remis piece. It's super-badass!!!
  18. Who are some of the best artists in and around Dublin??
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