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    titforatat got a reaction from lape in Everything about this is terrible.   
    damn... taking a cheese grater to your face in an attempt to remove a tattoo...
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    titforatat reacted to tatB in For TATTOOERS ONLY - most hated tattoo requests?   
    This seems like a good enough place to post this:
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    titforatat reacted to BrookR70 in Ideas for tattoo that represents being alone.   
    I picked a buoy, but I like being alone, so it has a sun and tropical island in the background. You could pick a stormy sea and lightning to represent fear.
    A clipper ship could also represent that.
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    titforatat reacted to Cork in The Tattoo News   
    Looks like Wendy Pham snuck in to New York without telling anyone. I hope @ironchef and @Killercook76 get lucky.
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    titforatat reacted to Killercook76 in hardest artist to book   
    Are you asking me how I got an appointment by him? Well I started out with an email like once a month then every three months or so. I think I also dropped another artist(S) names too.
    When I got tattooed by him he told me that he gets like 1000 emails a week by people asking for a tattoo. Plus he travels a lot for conventions and guest spots. He does all his appointments so if it were me I wouldn't be able to filter through all those emails without going crazy. I mean there is only a certain amount of time during the day and someone that busy isn't going to answer them all. He probably gets a lot of people wasting his time too.
    I wouldn't call it unorganized it's just how does someone pick and choose when they get so many emails?? He told me that persistence was one of the reasons why it worked out. Plus he loves to do traditional tattoos though he is known for realism. My tattoo was a traditional style cobra. Who wouldn't want to tattoo that? haha!
    My advice would be to polite but persistent. Be nice and say youre a serious tattoo collector. Just be advised you may have to travel to Costa Mesa California. He does travel and told me that he would hook me up if he ever came to NYC but.. I think you need to take the first step and travel before he gives you any special treatment.
    - - - Updated - - -
    honestly I think I just got extremely lucky!! On a side note he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet in your life. Super down to earth and cool!!
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    titforatat reacted to OutOfIdeas in Upcoming Tattoos   
    Just booked a last minute appointment with Allyson Bennett @ Scapegoat tomorrow. Supposed to be saving money, but I couldn't help myself after thinking I was going to get tattooed in Memphis last weekend. No more tattoos after this, until April when I go to Frith St to get something from Emiliano.
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    titforatat reacted to BrookR70 in Trying to zone out   
    The more you fight the needle, the more it will hurt. Call me a wuss, but I take one Advil before the session and whenever I need it. It helps me relax a bit. Also, I pretend like I'm trying to sleep. I've never fallen asleep, but I was nice and relaxed. On Saturday I was in the shop for 8.5 hours (7.5 hours tattooing time). I took 3 Advil total.
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    titforatat reacted to Metfly in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    One of my favourite artists!! Love his work.
    - - - Updated - - -
    Holy s**t!! What a difference. What is it with italy and amazing artists?
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    titforatat reacted to Patrick Bateman in Aging realism and what lasts   
    Going to leave this here.
    the hidden elephant
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    titforatat reacted to Bunny Switchblade in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Yes, I did......I got the tattoo below from David Bruehl......and I got another piece to my snake (no photo of it) by Mike Fite!
    Mike Fite and I have an agreement....
    He started a skin tear snake head on me about a year and a half ago sooooo......every time we see each other....he adds
    another piece of the snake on my body somewhere as a filler piece....LMAO! :D
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    titforatat reacted to sighthound in Richmond Arts Festival 2014   
    I'll def be there Saturday. I'm getting tattooed by Darcy Nutt for a nice 5-6 hour session. Then I'm gonna cruise around and check out everyone else's stuff, maybe try to snag a walk up if I can.
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    titforatat reacted to Bunny Switchblade in Richmond Arts Festival 2014   
    Looks like I will be going to this one!
    I refuse to look at the sfo thread because I don't want to know what I am missing....it already sucks knowing I am not there....LOL
    Anyway.......I am going to go it looks like BUT so far the two tattoos I plan to get will not be done at the convention....ha ha ha!
    One will be done in VaBch Friday morning.......and the other one will be done at a shop of the tattooers choosing in Richmond!
    I've wanted to add tattoos from these two gentlemen for at least 10 years but could never make it happen.....so it looks like now it will!
    There is one person at the convention I'd like to get something from as well so we'll see if that happens!
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    titforatat reacted to clemsonscj in Upcoming Tattoos   
    Filled in the upper arm portion Friday afternoon. Still hurts like a mother! This being my first one, all I had to go on was what people told me it would be like. And everyone always said the outline hurts the worst. Horse shit!

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    titforatat reacted to peterpoose in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Please try and not let me stunningly beautiful bum distract you from the artwork :)
    10 hours in total, so quick quick this time and I am glad! Some of the arse is brutal, specially where the cheek meets the thigh.....
    Victor said doing bums is awful, the skin is too soft and for him its not a very good place to tattoo but we are happy with the results.
    We still have a largish gap for the centre of my bum but we will just fill that next year with just a few shaded bits and pieces. We also have the back of that thigh to do next year. Maybe add a devil horn to the devil hound.
    My arse is red raw and swollen so sorry for the pics. :)

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    titforatat got a reaction from Pleadco in Shops in the Pacific Northwest?   
    Maybe you should just have two or three different artists work on the back piece.
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    titforatat reacted to suburbanxcore in Pagoda City Tattoo Fest - August 2014   
    Cash was definitely king since the ATM in the hotel lobby ran out of money on Saturday afternoon.
    I went up yesterday with @huggernaut. Neither of us were getting tattooed, but a few friends were. It was a great time. It was reallllly small, especially compared to the conventions I'd been to in the past, but that worked to its advantage. So many heavy hitters all in one room putting down serious work. The Kings Avenue booth was packed to the gills in the middle row and everything I saw them put out was dope. A back wall was lined by Ron Wells, Chad Koeplinger, Steve Byrne, Tony Hundahl, Marina Inoue, and a few from Inksmith and Rodgers (among others). I had friends get tattooed by Ron, Grez, Chris Stuart, and others.
    I had won $100 from their IG contest, so Justin was nice enough to know who I was coming in, catch me, and get that all situated. Since my appt with Scott fell through, I spent it on the With The Light of Truth book and a shirt at King's Ave. And some cookies at Vegan Treats!
    All in all, the convention was great, and I hope it becomes a regular thing!
    I saw @chrisnoluck's tattoo in the other thread. Did anyone else go? Thoughts?
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    titforatat got a reaction from peterpoose in Aging realism and what lasts   
    It should keep the vibrant colors for a number of years. I wouldn't worry about it too much in your case.
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    titforatat reacted to LupeTheWolf in Girl with a tattoo obsession!   
    Hey there, I'm Ashley! I'm 19, from MI and work with a ton of exotic animals! I May have a slight obsession with tattoos! Ha!
    I'm new to the tattoo world. Got my first one in the beginning of June. It's a wolf paw with a black/silver wolf with the night sky and a moon inside! I needed another..so I got another! I started a black and grey half sleeve of a snarling wolf stepping over another wolves' skull! My next appointment is in the beginning of August to do the background to finish the half sleeve! Now, I already set up another appointment in the end of August for another! Not sure what to do yet, either something my artist drew up, a snake and dagger, or an undead horse. Well, I don't mean to toot my horn, but I'm suppose to be getting a Raven tattoo by Bob Tyrell in September as well..fantastic, huh?!
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    titforatat reacted to gougetheeyes in Pagoda City Tattoo Fest - August 2014   
    Did a quick lil post for swallowsndaggers the other day for PCTF. And, Black Heart along with Scott have joined up. Swallows&Daggers | News | Weatherholtz Announces Pagoda City Tattoo Fest
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    titforatat reacted to suburbanxcore in Pagoda City Tattoo Fest - August 2014   
    Info is starting to come out about Pagoda City Tattoo Fest, organized by Justin Weatherholtz (Kings Avenue) and Joe Johns (Wizards World of Tattoos). It'll be just outside of Reading, PA in early August.
    Instagram is @pagodacitytattoofest and it's putting out some names of people who will be there. It's shaping up to be a pretty good one.
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    titforatat reacted to OutOfIdeas in Upcoming Tattoos   
    @suburbanxcore I was in Downingtown, but just for the day. I'm a long haul trucker and I picked up a load from Pepperidge Farms there, drove through Westchester to get there. Nice little town
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    titforatat reacted to Ditch Belgium in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Vintage Bottle Poison on my bottom left leg..... Still to continue on this specifc area with famous and my favorite "THE PRODIGY" songs..
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    titforatat reacted to exume in Summit Tattoo Invitational March 2015   
    Summit Tattoo Invitational - March 19-22, 2015 - Breckenridge, Colorado
    Crystal from Gomineko books is putting together a convention just down the road from me in Breckenridge, Colorado. It seems a little early to put this thread up but the website is going and I figure with this much talent in one place some of you might like a heads up to plan a nice trip to the mountains, haha. Just browsing through the website I noticed they have a lot more artists confirmed on their instagram @summittattooinvitational than they have up on the site so far, but it's shaping up to be a real good time.
    I'm starting to get really excited for this event, and I was thinking if any of you were to head this way for the show we could organize a little LST get together in the area, there's lots of good food to be had, and maybe we could ride snowboards (or skis!) together for a day.
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    titforatat reacted to WhyMista in what's it mean?   
    As I said earlier I won't ask someone that question because I do see why it can be construed as rude or inappropriate. However I don't find it offensive because if its someone who doesn't have tattoos or know anything about them they are most likely asking an innocent albeit naive and possibly offensive question. I liken it to how people ask me if I killed anyone in Iraq. Its a dumb question but its not asked out of malice or disregard for my feelings, its borne out of ignorance and ignorance is nothing more than a lack of knowledge.
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    titforatat reacted to Euchlid in Young tattooers currently killin' it!   
    Anthony Tex at Deadly Tattoos in Calgary, Canada is a pretty rad artist. I think he's 21 or 22 and has been tattooing for a few years. His dad is James Tex (who is fucking phenomenal) so he's obviously had amazing tutoring for the techniques, on top of his obvious natural ability in art.
    Here's his instagram
    And here's the shop link for Deadly
    Deadly Tattoos inc.
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