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  1. @Fala, thanks for the links. That´s some very useful information. @dari, I never use any essential oil directly on the skin without any type of vehicle. Depending on the application, I´ve used them suspended in water, or diluted in a neutral oil (like rice, jojoba, or coconut) or in a cream. I´ve been using a few drops of citronella oil in about 30mL of water as a mosquito repellent for a couple of years now, and my skin is fine. I´ve also used it to clean my hands after massaging someone´s feet, or to disinfect an open, but shallow, wound. Always in low concentration. And lucki
  2. Oh, believe me, I´m anything but a doormat. You can´t walk over me if you don´t take me down first, and you can´t take me down if you can´t hit me. It takes two to fight, and as I make it clear that I´m not interested, incidents don´t repeat either. Not because I teach intolerant, nosy people a lesson, but because they get bored or tired. I think the way we handle these situations has a lot to do with personalities and our personal history. I used to get angry really easily while growing up. It caused me a lot of pain and kept the bullies engaged. Realizing I could choose how to feel about wh
  3. In Spanish we call it "crema de ordeñe", which means literally "milking balm". I didn´t know it was good to protect against bacterias too. I prefer to use as few pharmaceutical products as I can, and I´m looking for a natural alternative to Bepanthen for when I get tattooed again, preferably something I can make myself. I´m not sure of what bag balm has in it, and if it´s all that natural. I already use a homemade sunscreen, made with beeswax, chamomile and marigold. I still have to use it on my tattoo (I got it just three weeks ago and Spring is not that warm yet), but it does wonders keepi
  4. I have only one very recent tattoo and it´s not in a visible spot, but I´ve also been stared at for almost all my life. Stares are not necessarily a bad thing. I seem to have a certain presence that draws a lot of attention, and being intergendered, I tend to stand out even more. Most of the attention I get is positive, though, and when it´s negative, I prefer to deflect it rather than try to clash against them. After all, in the same way that nobody will change my ways by telling me BS, I won´t change their view of life with a snappy comeback.
  5. I hear you. I just got my first tattoo two weeks ago and had plans for a larger piece I will want to get when I find the right artist, and that was going to be it. But I immediately started thinking of two more I want to get on my palms, and now I´m also daydreaming about getting sort-of-sleeves. Welcome aboard, Jake. I´m new here too. Don´t worry, I understand what you´re trying to say, it´s just the wording that can come off as judgmental, but I know it´s not what you want to imply, it´s just the way we are taught to say certain things. It happens to me too, or rather I realize it would h
  6. At least I do admit it wouldn´t be the first time I swallow my own words.
  7. Nah, you should tell him you accept his offer and have him get three or four tattoos. At least one in a spot he doesn´t usually keep covered. Then you start getting tattooed again.
  8. Thanks guys. It´s been feeling better now and it´s starting to scab. It all seems to be going well now. Hehe, Mark, never say never, but I don´t think I´ll get enough tattoos to do much trial and error :P I think I´ll just stick to one method as long as I don´t get gangrene or something. And ok, I won´t swim in an ocean or a lake. Rivers are ok, right? ;)
  9. Thanks, guys. Is it normal to feel skin a bit tight the day after? Should I moisturize it more? Following the artist´s advice I kept the tattooed area saran wrapped for only a couple of hours yesterday, and just covered with a cotton t-shirt since then. I washed it several times with cold water and unscented soap. Now I´m about to go to the pharmacy to buy bepanthen, which the artist also recommended.
  10. Hi folks and folkettes! I just got my first tattoo. No, not a palm tattoo ;) , but I was close to it. I had thought of getting it on my shoulder blade, but this morning before leaving for the tattoo shop I took a look at my back, which like most people I don´t do very often, and realized how many moles I have there, so maybe it wasn´t such a good spot for a tattoo. On my way to the shop I started thinking of other possible locations, and because of what this tattoo means for me I thought my left palm would be a good place, but I had never seen anyone with a tattoo on their palms so I thought
  11. Hello everybody! I just got my first tattoo this morning, and I´m already thinking of getting three others.... Google brought me here in search for some answers. I hope I see the light here :P By the way, I got tattoed by Alejandro, from Callico Tatuajes here in Montevideo. It´s a sygil I drew (and Alejandro redrew giving it a greater dimension). I´ll post a photo later.
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