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  1. Planning on getting a Twilight Zone inspired tattoo from Venom Ink in Maine. I was shooting for a piece on my small/medium upper arm but might just try and work out a half sleeve. Hopefully it won't be too bad if I go that route, longest I've sat is an hour...
  2. Great advice on the saving the thigh for something bigger, wish I had thought about this when I got my arm tattooed!
  3. I've used a light coat of A&D ointment throughout the day and its always worked for me.
  4. I have the birds off the cover "Blessed/Cursed" by the Casket Lottery on my arm. Good to see Alkaline Trio and Jawbreaker fans on here!
  5. Thanks for the advice, I think I'm going to just switch it up. I've been thinking of going to Jon Sanford or Luke Davis at Iron Works in Portsmouth, NH. I think they do some really nice and clean looking traditional style work.
  6. Breaking Bad is such an amazing show that will never get old in my opinion. I would really like to get a tattoo based off an episode of the Twilight Zone at some point. I feel like its a timeless show that pushes you to think a little deeper.
  7. Yeah I have a tendency to overthink things. In the end all that matters is if I like it anyways. Thanks for the response...and I'll have to try that drinking game sometime hahah
  8. Hey all, I'll start off by saying that I am 26 and have 3 black and grey tattoos totaling about 1.5 hours. I am planning on adding to my left arm where all my tattoos are to make a half sleeve. All my tattoos seem random to a stranger but represent my life and things that have made me who I am, almost like my story so far. So here's where feedback would be greatly appreciated- Is mixing black&gray work with color pieces a bad idea? I got into tattoos with black&gray realism but I am currently wanting to continue with traditional color pieces. Thanks!
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