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  1. Just has this done this week. :D I love the colors! Work done by James at Infamous Ink, Waco, TX
  2. Thanks! I live in Waco, smack dab between Dallas and Austin. The spoon is outlined in navy blue and has robin's egg blue and white highlights. I drew it to look like my grandparent's set of silverware. It means a lot to me. I have Lupus and a spoon is kind of a symbol for those with Lupus. (If curious, google 'spoon theory.') It reminds me that I always have more to give and to push myself even when I don't feel able. An ace up my sleeve, so to speak. I hope that helps explain it :)
  3. I'm so glad I found this forum, this topic, and this post. It's great peace of mind knowing that this is not just something happening to me. I got an ankle tattoo on Monday and was beginning to be concerned that it's healing hasn't progressed as much as expected, not to mention the whoosh! Thanks!
  4. Hello all. I'm fairly new to the tatto world and arrived a little later than most. I have a spoon on my wrist and a lotus on my ankle. I do ( of course) hope to add more sometime. I'm looking for friendly folks to chat with and a dash of advice here and there.
  5. PurpleHouse


    Bright beautiful lotus blossom on my ankle
  6. PurpleHouse


    Blue spoon on my wrist
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