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    Been tattooing almost 7 years and still in love.
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    Costa Mesa, CA
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    Tattoos, paintings, travels, adventures, movies, video games, kindle, and real housewives.
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  1. Hey brynne

    Yes we both got tattooed

    I from Trevor

    don from Henning

    How are you and Blake doing?


  2. I'm working on it in all aspects... Hope to see you soon... I'd love dinner... I like to EAT... ha ... Miss ya...

  3. Jefferson! Things are good, the married club is awesome I highly recommend it:) I hope things are going good up in LA, lemme know when you're coming down to this way, I'll make dinner!

  4. Brynne Worthy


    My name is Brynne and I've been tattooing in southern california for a little over 6 years. I'm loving all of the interviews and forums on this site, so much insight and inspiration. It's also nice to see some friends and hopefully make new ones!
  5. Okay Dari you asked:) The skulls turned out alright in the end, but the yin-yang bear claw gave me no leeway. It just bums me out cuz that guy is out there, super happy with it, telling people who he got it from and it's awful. I sacrificed my integrity for the almighty dollar. Which raises a good question, when a client is so unwilling to let you make something better, should you just send them down the road? Or is that the one you just do to pay the bills? I have a great clientele, but I'm not close to the point where I can pick and choose what I want to do either. Insight?
  6. Hey Deb!

    Married life is great, we're having so much fun. Especially now that we aren't planning a wedding anymore, hahaha! I was bummed we weren't able to hang out in October, but Blake and I were in Paris for our honeymoon. I heard the convention was a good time! Did you guys get tattooed again? I hope you and the family are doing well, say hi to Don for me!

  7. Hey Miss married lady-

    missed you in October.


  8. Hi Nick! I hope you and the family are well and having a great new year. Thanks for sharing all the amazing history on here, I'm loving it:)

  9. Dr. Pogue has a Kenny Rogers air about him... I started my first apprenticeship under this guy who was theeeee worst junkie I have ever met. Because all of his money went to heroin, I would scrub off and pressure cook used needles daily. I had to pick him up on corners while he pan handled if we got a walk in. The kicker was when he missed his target and had an abscess the size of a softball on his upper arm. He went to the hospital for it, where they instructed him to clean it out and stuff new gauze into it every few hours. I had the lovely job of taking out the gauze (which smelled like cat pee), picking off the little pieces of balled up heroin attached to save for later, washing the old gauze and dunking it in alcohol, then stuffing it back into the giant gaping hole in his arm. He moved shops and thankfully I couldn't go with him.
  10. Thank you, I'm totally going to use that line because I don't get it either. "But it's not FOR anyone else it's for me" -Oh so that's why it's posted on facebook and on your left wrist so people can see it while you're driving. Which is totally fine, whatever makes the client happy. My pet peeves are the last minute "by the way, it needs to cover this," and the "I drew this myself and want it exactly like that." I have a folder of originals that would take your breath away.
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