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  1. Well, I think you're pretty funny. I am in no way looking to 'break in' to your industry. I think it is mostly a joke anyway. I'm just an artist who does what he wants. Regarding the forum terms and such- I really dont think that asking about the amperage of a transformer compares to asking about techniques, asking for trade secrets, etc. Tattooing going pop really brought the know it all sociopathic corporate mentality along with it, eh? As far as google- wow, that hurts. lol. Yeah, I can build a frickin power supply with a 10 dollar rheostat, a laptop powe
  2. Hey there, Mostly signed up due to a simple power supply issue which I needed help with but figured I would say hi as suggested in the sign-up. Late thirties, occasional interest in tattooing, always interest in art. I learned to tattoo when I was in my early teens through a well known tattooer, pretty much forgot a lot of what I learned, Tattooed little gangsters and such when I was a little kid, my mentor let me work on some tattoos. Tattooed while hitchhiking around the country when I was out of high school. Purely renegade style, on the streets and such, grip of 9 volts, etc.
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