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  1. I decided on my next tattoo- Id like to get A Beautiful Chaos on my front shoulder with almost water color looking glass. Thoughts? I'm going to wait a bit of course but its meaningful to me. My life is always in chaos somehow but there's always beauty that comes from it. Sent from my LGL55C using Tapatalk 2
  2. ok well writing or font, the same thing still applies- I asked her to make it less fancy/loopy.
  3. No. She had something drawn up that was a fancier font with a lot more loops to it. I had shown her a font I liked that was much more simple so when she showed me that, I asked if we can make it less fancy and take out the looping. I assume the long cross part of the T was just part of the original design but I was unsure at first. I like it. day 4 and its VERY itchy today!
  4. If i found someone i loved, id stick with them. I dont know that I would switch around.
  5. Days 2 and 3 of healing: (sorry they are huge) As for my aftercare regimen: Day 1: Waited 2hrs and took off wrap. Washed and used bacitracin about 3-4x. Wrapped at night with Nexcare waterproof bandages (knee and elbow). Day 2: Washed and used Bac when needed. Wrapped with Nexcare again. Day 3: Showered and started using Curel Unscented lotion. I dont think Ill wrap it tonight.
  6. I dont know. Im thinking something for the baby we lost but i want to wait awhile.
  7. Its a little too late now to draw it on my hand, its forever there now. Thanks though. The advice here was to get it facing out, my artist didnt say anything except ask " you want it facing you "...im saying if she, along with you guys had said " You know it will look better facing out because thats the general way most people do it and i like to do it that way.", i would have listened to what she was saying, maybe even considered it but it would have still been my choice in the end. Does that make sense? Im not the slightest bit unhappy with it facing in. Im sure it might look good faci
  8. I just want to say she drew up the design and asked " You want it facing you right?" and I said yes. IF she had said otherwise, I would have listened to what she was saying but I likely would have still had it facing me (unless she had a really good reason).
  9. I put a bandage on last night and today there was the extra ink and small scabs. I washed it and put some Bac on it. The itchy is gone for now.
  10. oh my, its itchy right now. Could be the bandage but good grief, its itchy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. My husband works at a fast food place and they can have tattoos but im not sure how theyd feel about a heavily tattooed person.
  12. I had saran wrap, but if i could of chose it would of been gauze
  13. I left the saran wrap on for 2hrs and then havent wrapped since. i will wrap it tonight but thats it.
  14. Wel its done. I got Be Still facing me on my inner left wrist. :) ETA: Alright so heres the process for those interested :) Im a GIANT chicken. I dont like needles/pain/etc. I was excited but nervous about it all but set on doing it. I researched a ton on aftercare and wrist tattoos in general. I watched You Tube videos to get an idea on pain and even the sound of the machine. I went yesterday and got Bacitracin, Dove Unscented and Curel Unscented. I told myself since i bought that stuff i was in it now. I even bought OJ because i heard it can help healing, lol. I arrived at the shop and
  15. You guys are just so funny suggesting things. Pentagrams, Rims, Fudos. No to all. Im pretty set on the wording without a symbol. When asking for advice I DID NOT mean " Should I get this?" or " What should I get". Advice in my mind meant " Hey dont wash it with a loofah " or " Wear sunscreen "..etc
  16. Theres not a symbol for the verse(s) that i like or truly represents what im going after. Other than maybe a stop sign?
  17. Thanks everyone. Im pretty excited about it. Ill have to post back with a pic after to show you how well it went.
  18. Thanks for explaining. Ill talk to my artist.
  19. I am getting it facing me I wasnt asking IF i should get it. I AM getting it.
  20. Im a Stay At Home Mom so im not employed outside of that. I really like the script and no to Fudo.
  21. Im new here and im hoping to get all kinds of great advice because im diving in Saturday and getting my FIRST tattoo!! Im scared, nervous and a giant chicken but i really want it! I want to get "Be Still" on my left wrist. (am i crazy for my wrist being first?) Be Still has meaning to me. Its from Exodus 14:14 and Psalm 46:10. Ill take ANY advice you have or suggestions! Lay it on me. Should I get it on my wrist? What should I expect for healing time (with normal healing and after care)?
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