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  1. So I did a little research through this awesome thing called "google" haha and a line called Revita Ink came up -- has any one tried this one? --> Essential Bundle: The necessary for every tattoo. | Revita Ink | Tattoo Rejuvenation | Prevent Tattoo Fading I also looked at Tattoo Goo and others but they just have healing products.
  2. I swear I have a disease.. every time I see a skull I want that exact skull on my body somewhere ha
  3. LOL thank you kind sir/madam for making my day.
  4. this is amazing hahaha makes me never want to become an artist to have to deal with people like this
  5. is there any way that I can help the scabbing process? Or speed it up? It is annoying especially when it flakes and itches in my jeans.
  6. yeah it does look a little washed out but definitely salvageable. Maybe color in the edges and help shade around the tips -- I am thinking about doing that with one of my tattoos based off a recommendation fro man artist. He said its the best way to salvage without doing a complete coverup or anything like that.
  7. what is the difference between prismacolor and other types of pencils?
  8. I know when my brother got his ribs done his body started shaking, which caused the tat to come out kinda funky. IT looks better now after he got it covered by something else, but just know that could be an issue for you. Good luck!
  9. I have seen the popularity of moon tats grow a lot. Whats the story behind the bleeding moon??
  10. Hey all! I just got my 2nd tattoo and the artist told me when it fades to come get it touched up. Are there any products out there that I can use so I do not have to go get a touch up?
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