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    Momma your boys, we might make some mistakes. We know where were from and we know how were raised. S
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    DeKalb, Illinois, United States
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    Tattoos and Tattoo Art, History, Bank robbery, Semi trucks, Bobber, Rat Rods Tattoos, Mezcal, Raisin
  1. ill work on getting my random picture up once i find one worthy of discussion and laughter
  2. I got my first tattoo when i was in Rosarito, Mexico. i was 16. the day started out with my uncle and i trying to bribe the guys at 454 tattoo in san diego to just tattoo me. needless to say they weren't having it. So we decided to hop the border and try our luck. Well we ended up in a "shop" and i use parenthesis because it was a small room on the top of a senor frogs with old paul wall and chamillionaire banners for a roof. Fortunately the artist who was there had just gotten deported from Idaho and was trying to get money to hop back over to the promise land. the unfortunate part was that i
  3. thanks for the feed back. in all honesty i dont like ami james because all the gangster wannabe drug dealers where i live throw his name out to try and act like there big in the tattoo world. also the miami ink walmart clothing. thats just too much for me. im 100% with corbin on the idea of having tattoos become illegal. im not big into japanese tattoos but i love the idea of the Yakuza with his full body suit hidden under his expensive business suit. im young and dumb and i dont have any type of reputation but i will fight to the death to defend the reputation of the true craft. the true arti
  4. thanks for the welcome im excited to be here amongst the greats of tattooing. its a huge honor.

  5. here we go.... Bob Roberts- id cut off my arm and give it to him to tattoo Freddy Corbin Valerie Vargas- of course who wouldnt want a tattoo from her Andrew Stickler Mario Desa Nick Colella Jeff Zuck Kieth Underwood Steve Byrne Oliver Peck Jack Rudy Tim Lehi Josh Arment- Id like to just hangout with Josh getting tattooed by him would be epic Steve Boltz Bert Krak Chad Koeplinger- I dream of getting tattooed by Chad in a temple somewhere in Tibet. His travel blog is amazing. Tony Hundahl- The huge wolf chest piece he did blew my mind Scott Sylvia Nick Rodin Zeke Owen Lyle
  6. i heard about this site from an artist at my local shop. im here to learn as much as possible. i want to start tattooing professionally in the near future but i will not put ink in anyones skin until i know its going to be as close to perfect as i can get. so please lend me any advice. im a huge fan of most of the artists on here and would like to plan some tattoos with them.
  7. Hello and welcome to the party!

  8. Andrew Stickler at odds n' ends in rockford, il does great work. the whole crew at smith street in nyc does some great stuff too. id love to get tattooed by steve boltz and bert krak. most of my tattoos are from my local shop in dekalb, il, protontattoostudio.com. Im happy to say that Justin Duncan from Proton is not only my man when it comes to tattoos but he is also a very good friend of mine. he never updates his online portfolio so almost all of the work of his on the website is super outdated ill try and get pictures of my tattoos hes done and upload them soon. Im new here and i dont want
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