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  1. I would suggest you bring as many as you deem sufficient. Your artist is supposed to be working with you on what you want. So don't be shy to voice out.
  2. I guess you could either go for a coverup? If not just choose pieces that go really well with what you have already.
  3. As long as it's done by a good artist, I'm sure it'll turn out well. So choose carefully!
  4. Doubt I'll ever get a full suit. Just getting pieces done where I can hide it.
  5. Wow. He must really love the attention he gets.
  6. Artists like these deserve to burn in hell... Assholes...
  7. My one advice to you is, if you LOVE your tattoo. Don't give a shit bout what others think. Unless there's a flaw that bothers you.
  8. I guess it depends on the type of stares? Do you think your tattoo looks great? In that case it would be nice that people notices it right? Just like how guys keep looking at pretty women with nice tits. My advice is if you really love it, don't bother bout what other people think. Unless it's your husband lol, try and discuss things with him.
  9. I wouldn't go and put it there if you wanna hide it. And I personally dont really like tattoos near the ears. Just my 2 cents
  10. Instead of thinking whether it's too fast, I recommend you think through if it's what you really want. And make sure that you inspect every single detail of the tattoo that you are getting. Don't regret it
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