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  1. That's really cool I have never noticed that, even though I know this piece.
  2. Oh that's cool. I didn't know that and I have never noticed that in Hori work. Thanks a lot. - - - Updated - - - Well I guess I don't think of it from a necessity stand point, more from my personal standpoint. For example, if I were lucky enough to get a tattoo by Myke Chambers next year, I would like to have him initial it with 14, not so people would know it was Myke's work but for me as if it were a commissioned painting.
  3. Ok. If I had something from a great artist I would want them to put the type of signature that they use on other artwork. Initials or some sort. We differ there. But I have heard of artists that won't do it even if the client asks. I definitely didn't mean that they should do it without permission, I should have been more clear on what I was asking.
  4. I believe that this question is relevant to this subject. Why don't artists sign their tattoos in some way like a painter?
  5. BtcArt

    New to LST

    @Graeme Well I just don't have delusions about being famous and rich from it. I meant that I'd like to do something I love as my job. Thanks.
  6. BtcArt

    Tattoo art

    Re paint of Walter Torun skull and anchor.
  7. BtcArt

    Tattoo art

    Torch and all seeing eye.
  8. You are definitely surrounded by great art, congratulations. I hope you can work from any of them sometime. Welcome.
  9. BtcArt

    New to LST

    Yes, I definitely have plans for more tattoos. I just stopped bouncing from shop to shop and now I know who I want to be tattooed by. I'm not concerned with money or glamour. I just want the opportunity to do something that I can love. Thanks for the welcoming, it is much appreciated.
  10. BtcArt

    Anchor rose

    This is an anchor through a rose. Arches paper and Ph Martin paint.
  11. BtcArt

    Repaint of Cap Coleman

    This was an attempt at a beautiful Cap Coleman lady.
  12. I am not a tattooed but from my understanding when a tattoo artist does a Flash Sheet, he or she is doing it for the purpose of being used by others for tattooing, if they have purchased the sheet or book it came from. This is different even from a piece of artwork that is stand alone art, flash is to be reproduced. But I agree with who said earlier that if the artist doesn't have flash perhaps you should find an artist that does.
  13. BtcArt

    New to LST

    Hello everyone. My name is Brian and I am from a tiny town in NC. I'm 31 and a little late to tattoos, even though I got my first when I was 18. I technically have 2 tattoos but I have gotten work from 5 different artists. I'm late to learning what tattoos can be. Ever since I was sparked by the work of Dave Tevenal and Myke Chambers I feel I want to know as much as I can about tattoos and it's history. I didn't know if I wanted to admit in this thread that I want to become a tattoo artist but I guess I just did. Though this is true and I do want to learn from this site and it's forums, what I
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