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    Hello, I started tattooing in 2005 after a year apprenticeship at Crescent City Tattoo in New Orleans. After Katrina I moved back to my hometown in Bowling Green, KY and started tattooing at Carter's Tattoo. In 2007 I moved to Philly and worked at Bill Funk's Body Graphics until September of 2013. I'm currently appointment only at Philadelphia Eddie's Chinatown from Sunday-Tuesday. I do walk-ins at Muse Tattoo in Palmyra, NJ Wednesday-Saturday.
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    South Philly
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    Tattooing, Grilling, Painting
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  5. I just watched the Scott Sylvia interview and thought this sounded like an awesome forum to join. I'm new to these kinda of sites. Do you have to get all 10 posts in in 7 days? - - - Updated - - - And why does it say Ex-Lurker under my name? I wasn't lurking. I'm not sure I know how to properly lurk.
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