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  1. Regardless of what I'm using to heal it, whenever I get out of the shower or wash, I pat and let air dry for about 5-10 minutes. I do this to let the pores close back up so I don't clog them up with bacitracin/aquaphor/lotion. Seems to let the skin breathe a little better and heal faster.
  2. Not my biggest pet peeve, but had a girl come in yesterday with a lotus on her lower back. Her first words were- "I want to do something with this. He messed it all up. I don't like it." So I look at it, and it's well done. Some of the magenta healed a bit patchy, but it was otherwise done by someone competent. She tells me it's too big and she doesn't like that there's not water around it. I had to remind her that she SAW the stencil first, and gave him the go ahead. She seemed completely put off that I wasn't on board with her shit talking whoever did it, but that's not my style. The sad thing is, I know if it were a lot of the other shops around here, they'd just start bashing the initial artist, further perpetuating an unnecessary bad rep for the guy.
  3. Hahah, yeah. Ironically he said they were done in a garage by a scratcher with a dope problem- if you couldn't tell. I keep that photo in my portfolio in the shop because it gets the most responses hands down. Here's a few other humorous tattoos on my leg: zombie shocker hand with appropriate fluids on the fingers 40oz to commemorate 40oz fridays. Every friday after the shop closes we grab a 40 and sit around, recapping the weeks events and whatnot. And this little gem was done the same weekend as the tampon at the roc city show. This was from Zach Nelligan out of triple crown tattoo in texas. Rad dude.
  4. There is absolutely NOTHING cult like about that at all. Not one bit.
  5. travis

    Bunny Pinto 1

    awesome. just bought a bunch of his prints while my friend that works with him was in town.
  6. red wings bloody tampon. got it from TILT at the ROC CITY show couple years ago. I'll have to get pics of some of my others. did this gangster tattoo on a friend casually referred to as " Big Daddy ". Nothing says you came from the streets like type font.
  7. Welcome to LST and thanks for joining! Enjoy your stay with us by posting tattoo pictures and tattoo stories!?!

    Until then....