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  1. Not much of a help here, but wanted to pop in and say that I'm excited to see this back piece come together. The dragon you have already is pretty cool, I'm interested to see what your artist s going to do with it.
  2. this seems like a good standard. i have 2 small tattoos now and im about 2 years in, but after getting a big boy job and finding this site i have sooo many ideas
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYC37e3pajM Has to be my favorite arrest video of all time.
  4. ieatass4free

    New Guy!

    damn thats some sick ink brother
  5. not sure if it was posted here before, but has anyone ever searched #tattoos? its pretty entertaining to try to find repetitive tattoos like birds flying out of a feather or infinity signs.
  6. for a while now you could customize your sports players to have tattoos. in nba 2k/live, youve been able to throw ink on your players since like 2003.
  7. this was interesting to read through, as i live in SF and tattoos are exponentially becoming more acceptable.
  8. hahaha thats wild. the first video's link is broken. anyone know of an alternate mrror?
  9. greetings fellow noob. i have no idea how you can manage 4 kids while being a teacher. sounds like youve got your hands full
  10. First tattoo was earlier this year, got one of David Choe's "Munko" throwies on me because he's my favorite artist and has influenced me to change some things in my life. Dont have any pictures of it on my comp, but it's the one that is chopped up and looks kinda like sushi.
  11. Just kidding guys. Greetings from San Francisco. longtime lurker of the tattoos sub-Reddit for those of you who are familiar, but wanted to find a better sense of community. Literally googled "BEST TATTOO FORUM" and this one was the first hit. Popped in and thought this place seemed pretty cool. Essentially here to blow time with some cool folks with common interests regarding body mods and tattoos. edit* instant regret about my username
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