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  1. Hammerheads were the first. Still to see: Humpback and Narwals... Will be some pretty diverse diving to add them to my tattoo ;-) But they don't live in our waters, unfortunately... So travels are going to Newfoundland and maybe Mozambique... Grtz, Arne Nice to meet a fellow diver/tattoo enthousiast!
  2. Hi all, Had my 2nd appointment on Friday, and I'm very happy with the result. Don't know if here is a good place to post a pic, but I'll do it anyway ;-) It's not completely finished yet. Going for a halve sleeve eventually! Grtz, Arne
  3. Hi Marissa, Nothing personal, but a side tattoo on a girl - always sexy. ;-) But... Maybe if you plan to get pregnant one day, that might stretch (and ruin) the tattoo? Don't know if it's so, definitely first hand experience here somewhere! Grtz, Arne
  4. To complete the cycle. It has been almost a month now and everything is a-ok! Anyone on medication with tat-urge can read this and find some good news! Hasta, Arne
  5. And another update: The healing process is going pretty fast. Scabbing started on day 3, the first day without the plastic foil. Now one week since I got the tattoo and everything is normalized. Only thing I still have is a bit of an itch... I was afraid the healing would be slower. But it isn't the case... Next appointment booked. Hope to be able to show you guys the nice piece of art on my arm somewhere in April... Grtz, Arne
  6. Hi all, Small update on how it went on Friday: Aside from train troubles between Londen and Brighton, everything went rather well. My blood is thinner, that was to be expected, but the bleeding didn't make it much harder for the artist. So we were able to do almost 4 hours. Me very happy, one more session and it will be done. For anyone who might be in the same situation: the medication didn't make it impossible to get the tattoo for me, and the healing seems to be going rather smooth. Maybe a little to early to say, but no troubles what so ever. Grtz, Arne
  7. Hi Graeme, Will do. Hope to post good news on Saturday on how the tattoo went. And will keep track of healing process. Thanks.
  8. Thank you el twe. Have contacted a few doctors. Their opinion is that the bleeding won't be so bad, but the healing process might take somewhat longer. As for the tattoo: I'm a passionated diver, and have a top 3 of sea creatures I want to see. As soon as I see one of them, and photograph them, they get a place on my arm/shoulder. The idea is to have my picture as the base for the tattoo. I'm visiting Yliana Paolini in Brighton. I live in Belgium, so it is quiet a journey to get there... I've seen a school of hammerhead sharks in Sudan last May. And they were on my list ;-) So the sharks (as they usually are pretty deep), get a place on my upper arm... Grtz, Arne
  9. Hi guys, Have been looking forward to my first tattoo for quiet some time. Appointment was made a long time ago. But have been in surgery. (they had to close a hole in heart chambers. Minor surgery where they cut a vain in my leg and inserted some kind of umbrella that was opened in front of the hole). That was 1 month ago and I am on Clopidogrel and Asaflow to prevent my blood from cluttering. My tattoo appointment is in one week from today and I am wondering what I can expect. My artist said to come by anyway, give it a go and see what happens. If I bleed too much she'll just do the outlines and I'll have to make a new appointment. Are there any artists or 'patients' that have experience with tattoos and blood thinners? Thanks in advance, Arne
  10. Hi Gregor, Definitely going there this weekend! Will look for him there! Thanks all, Arne
  11. Hi all, A friend referred me to here. I am considering finally getting a tattoo. Because it is something for life, I want to be really sure I get it with the best artist... Don't we all... I am a passionated diver, and have a want-to-see-list of ocean creatures. My idea would be to have the top 5 of those on my upper arm/chest. But only when I have met them personally. So it would be a tattoo-work-in-progress. Maybe you guys have some ideas as to where I should go? I want it to be ultra realistic. Thanks! Arne from Belgium
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