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  1. Welcome aboard Polliwog. I agree with Amok, simple works. Don't get me wrong there are some incredible complex pieces but those are usually done by incredible artists. Simple tends to read well from a distance. Graeme is spot on, let everything settle down before you stress out over it. My first one bled ink a lot but turned out fine, and my second set didn't bleed much ink at all. There are a million factors that could play into it as well. Diet, hydration, location, ink color, technique, etc. Keep in mind getting a tattoo is injuring the skin so some bruising and inflammation can happen. Peace, Ken
  2. I like the idea, in my opinion the lettering / font seems off. Maybe it needs an outline or something to tie it into the scroll a little more. Kind of looks tacked on. Also curious on the size of it, maybe add a coin next to it for a visual reference. I'm no pro artist but just my thoughts, keep at it man! Peace, Ken
  3. Sneaken1


    Goodness I'm jealous! I'm just getting started but my spouse really isn't into as much as I am. Love seeing what everyone's had done so post up them photos!!
  4. Nice, glad to hear business is good for you. I'm in the design phase of what I think will end up a realism half sleeve of birds, not entirely sure if I want to go with black and grey or color yet though. I'm on the east coast near Daytona Beach.
  5. Sneaken1


    Welcome Mike. I always enjoy the highs and lows of the creative process. Are you designing/drawning stuff you want to get done?
  6. Hey Kage, what's up man? You working in North or South Florida? I'm always on the look out potential artists near me! Do you have anything you would say you specialize in? Peace, Ken
  7. Sneaken1

    Hiya :)

    Hey Vee what's up man? I'm torn on a subject like this, on the one hand I say get what you like because you're the one wearing it, but on the other I'm jealous you have an interesting culture to pull from. There is no harm in getting a little of both IF that's what floats your boat. But at the end of the day it about what you want man.
  8. Sneaken1

    It's Just Me

    Dang that sucks! Makes me kind of sad that a position protecting our freedoms shoe horns you into giving up some of yours. But we do what we have to, best of luck and stay strong!
  9. Yeah I can imagine the difficulty in that. Just a thought but maybe you can find photos of the actor who played said villain smiling, that would at least have the right proportions and face shape. Well unless he's under heavy FX anyway...
  10. Hey Lilly, From the idea's listed it sounds like you want to do something with words or text more than anything. From what I have seen placement and style will really determine how well it will read and look. There is no harm in getting opinions from others but make sure its what YOU want, not what someone else tells you looks cool. DO NOT RUSH THIS! Take your time and research artists and styles. I agree with Graeme as well, while we all love tattoos having the option to conceal it might save you headaches in your future. Also keep in mind the body is made up of curves so a font that looks good on paper might look funky once it is applied to a curved surface. Peace, Ken
  11. ah sounds killer. I assume by villains you mean movie villains? Dang Mr. Porter's portrait work is killer! I'm looking at a half sleeve next, i have my source material all mapped out but I'm not sure on how to work out the background yet. So it's back to scouring photos to see whats what. Keep at it man. Peace, Ken
  12. What's up Joe, I'm right there with ya. It seems daughnting trying to learn all the different styles, history, techniques, and everything else that goes into it. This site has been a well of information and I've barely scratched the surface! Do you have a plan for the rest of the 'collection'? I'm always amazed how multiple artist can blend different works together.
  13. Hey man, sounds like a neat idea. Do you already have the image in mind? Sounds kind of like Japanese imagery done in American traditional style?
  14. Zen circles, good luck, bad luck
  15. Sneaken1

    Morse Code

    'Jonas my son' done in morse code.
  16. What's up everyone? My names Ken. New to the site, looks like a good community though! So I've had some work done and have slowly become addicted to the art, process, and culture behind tattooing and that's how I ended up here. Keeping it short and simple :) Hopefully my edit works. The arm tattoo was my first I love it but sadly it get confused for a bar code 9 times out of 10. Its actually Morse code that read Jonas my son. The two zen circle represent a moment in life, both good luck or bad luck. Balancing my karma I like to think. However black cat is my nickname at the railroad cause bad stuff always goes down when I'm working, but its all good. Be safe, SneaKen
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