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    Goodness I'm jealous! I'm just getting started but my spouse really isn't into as much as I am. Love seeing what everyone's had done so post up them photos!!
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    Love myself some awesome tattoos. Stoked about what is happening in the world of tattoo these days...amazing refinements of already awesome traditions and a lot of next level evolutions in technique and subject matter.
    Can appreciate all forms and styles. Prefer to wear more western traditionally styled work with a bit of Asian/Asian-influenced stuff thrown into the mix. BUT I still have A LOT of spaaaaaace and we all know how that goes :) ...anything could happen!
    I am both blessed and doomed to live in the Bay area of Northern California with tooooo much access to some of the most talented folks out there. Am definitely not above traveling overseas or who-knows-where to get work from someone who has caught my fancy.
    Celebrating (being in) my 10th year of marriage to my Hubbs with a tattoo odyssey that we have both been enjoying since January of 2013.
    First two tattoos from Chris Trevino (Perfection Tattoo - Austin) at the tender ages of 20 and 26 (late 90's). Getting tattooed right out the gate by someone who has put so much into their craft taught me more about tattoo than I think anything else could have and for this I am thankful.
    I love having tattoos. It has been such a great experience. I love hearing about other peoples tattoos. I want to be surrounded by tattooed people and their tattoo stories :o .
    Upcoming appointments are Horitomo in January, Theo Mindell (Feb-March), Stewart and Valerie (late April-May). Will take pictures of existing work and upload soon.
    I am pretty darned stoked and glad to be here. So thanks in advance, everyone, for that! :D
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    Hello Lilly and welcome to LST. I'm curious about your idea of starting with something, as you put it, "generic" as your first tattoo because it sounds like you have grander tattoo plans. If you want something bigger and bolder, start by getting something like that. As for the ideas you have, I don't think they would make for good tattoos. White ink tends to age poorly, and if you're concerned about keeping your tattoos concealed--and I think this is a totally legitimate concern, especially because you're young and you don't know what your life is going to bring you--there's a lot of space that is easy to keep covered by clothing on your torso and upper thighs. The Peter Pan one could be done well, but you'd have to go a lot larger than the side of your foot. You could do a nice thigh piece of that. If you let us know where the middle of nowhere in Canada is, I'm sure we can recommend good artists near you.
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    While I was at Frith Street my beautiful squeeze had her second session. A really stunning Day of the Dead Girl, tattooed by Stewart Robson.

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    Hey fellas, hope you don't mind me entering since I'm new :O
    Tattoo done by Nathan Herbert out of Austin, TX