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  1. Good stuff my dudes. Loving the different styles and the beats are too dope!
  2. Dean Schubert, Ralph Steadman's art rather than Hunter's words... I agree completely my dude
  3. HAHAHAHA.... smh... Definitely man... It's a shame some people don't have the courtesy or sense to know this smh...
  4. Sucks dude. Hope you guys had some luck there. Good luck and happy Holidays.
  5. State of the art, my friend. Very, very nice.
  6. Wishing you the best of luck, Jen! Have a fantastic Holiday!
  7. Donny D

    First blog post

    I agree. You shouldn't regret not getting tattoos. It's fine :) I do love the quote though. It makes me think and it's very deep for me.
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