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  1. I love the Saniderm healing process! No worries of anything sticking to it. No washing and reapplying of ointments. No mess! Best healing process I have fouND. Plus you can show off your new piece without worries of getting contact with germs.
  2. Got this happy head hunter on my inner lower leg. Done by Peter Lagergren.
  3. Its a pretty chill show! Great place to get some ideas and meet people. I may not be going. My artist had a accident a few weeks ago that left him with 8 broken ribs and a collapsed lung. He said he's gonna try to do it. Should know here in acouple days.
  4. Pat is awsome! He so young and putting out some quality on point work. Having Shawn as a mentor is such a benefit for sure! Paul's excellent as well I'm just not to into his style but still excellent.
  5. I have 2 appointments lined up. First is another piece by Shawn Van Oven at the Electric City Tattoo convention. I will be getting it done on lower right leg next to a piece be did last year. I have no idea on what he is going to do. I told him to surprise me. I trust him and love his style. He knows what I am into and giving him 100% freedom is sure to be a killer tat. Second date will be in September at the Shamens Den in Binghamton NY. This is my dream tat and I cannot wait. We are flying in Peter Lagergren from Sweden. Not sure on what i am gonna do yet. Torn between some kind of Reaper k
  6. I have been going to this convention for a couple years and will be there again this year. April 15th-17th. It will be held at the Hilton hotel in lovely Scranton. I have a spot booked with Shawn Van Oven on the 15th. Its a really nice show with a lot of talented artists.
  7. Done by Shawn Van Oven at the 2014 electric city tattoo convention
  8. Thanks for looking. In progress neo-traditionalish Japanese sleeve. Done by Shawn VanOven at the Shamens Den Binghampton NY.
  9. Got this lil lady from Shawn VanOven! Thanks for lookinh
  10. Shawn VanOven
  11. Start of a neo Japanese sleeve by Shawn Van Oven @ Shamens Den Binghamton NY Shawn is an awesome guy so easy to work with. Met him at the Electric City Convention last year.
  12. It was a really nice show very small and laid back will go again next year. Alot of cool ink was going down on friday wish I could have stayed another day.
  13. Hello and thanks for checking out my new tat. Tattoo was done by Shawn Van Oven at the electric city tattoo convention. Large complicated gap filler connecting the lower and upper arm. Thanks !
  14. jvince1230

    skull snake

    Gap filler connecting upper and lower
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