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  1. I live in the Scranton area - just got my first tattoo a little more than a week ago. I think I need to stop by the convention to get some ideas!!

    Its a pretty chill show! Great place to get some ideas and meet people. I may not be going. My artist had a accident a few weeks ago that left him with 8 broken ribs and a collapsed lung. He said he's gonna try to do it. Should know here in acouple days.

  2. I have 2 appointments lined up. First is another piece by Shawn Van Oven at the Electric City Tattoo convention. I will be getting it done on lower right leg next to a piece be did last year. I have no idea on what he is going to do. I told him to surprise me. I trust him and love his style. He knows what I am into and giving him 100% freedom is sure to be a killer tat.

    Second date will be in September at the Shamens Den in Binghamton NY. This is my dream tat and I cannot wait. We are flying in Peter Lagergren from Sweden. Not sure on what i am gonna do yet. Torn between some kind of Reaper king on horse, pirate, head hunter king, wolf in sheeps clothing. Any ideas please help me out.

  3. Okay I dont have a bolder will a tree stump work? Mid way through the process the police arrived so I had to ditch my pistol got two shots off but did not complete third rotation backwards. Any particular leg to hop back on or should I do a left right left sequence. Seemed to help a little will try again tonight my neighbors have a nice bolder to work with. Also should I have my clothing on? Or just the area of treatment exposed? Does the caliber of pistol matter? Hollow points or fmj? Was also thinking maybe a rifle in the other hand may speed up the process. I was thinking on throwing a 360 twist on the final rotation. I apologize I dont mean to alter your method but if I can add guns to the experience im game.

  4. Ive tried several different ways as perscibed by artist. My last tattoo I was told to keep it bandaged for 24hrs or following morning. Wash it periodically through out the day and not to put anything on it. 2nd day before bed slap a thin coat of vasaline on it rebandage. (I never would of thought vasaline always been told not to use it) Wake up wash it and continue to wash it periodically during the day and not put anything on it. After 3 4 days of just washing it apply non scented lotion. My last tattoo was placed in the ditch of my arm generally a sensitive area to heal with out scabbing and crackingI followed his instructions and never had a tattoo heal as nice and fast. By the end of the second day it looked like it was ready to start flaking off. No scabs at all. 3rd day while showering it most all flaked off and it nearly looked healed. 6th day it appears to be fully healed.

  5. November 19th I start on my sleeve. Covering up a tribal band and a pair of piston skulls. Im still up in the air on what way I wanna go with it. I was planning on doing a Japanese theme but after more research im just not sure. I have not been inked in along time and just getting back into it all. Ive seen some incredible work on here which does not make the decision easy. Im thinking traditional American Japanese neo new old school mix. Like I said im really dont have anything locked in yet. Im at the point of just letting my guy do his thing. Any advice would be appreciated.

  6. Heres my two cents on the subject. I am 35 years old got my first tat about 20 years ago. I was 15 or 16 years old at the time. A friends brother did them so I was able to bypass the age thing. I have always loved tattoos but the one I got I cannot stand anymore. I have not liked it for many years and its getting covered up on the 19th along with the 2nd tat I have. At the time they were sweet but as I aged I changed alot. My personality my likes and interests. I feel that time between tats is a good thing because as your tastes change so will your ta5s and you will have a place to put them left. Plus I can afford a quality tattoo that i was unable to have years ago. I focus on quality not quantity.I rather have one amazing piece over a bunch of good pieces. I will be starting a full slevee on the 19th and have no plans on anything else. I do want my other arm done but gonnq wait until when i dont know.Just my experience.

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