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  1. That's kind of the idea I have in my head. I have not seen any of his rough drawing yet. Im really confident in the artists work I passed ideas along to him and Im gonna just let him do his thing. He will draw somthing up on my arm and ink away. I have been looking at all the different styles on here and have been really impressed with alot of the work on here. Tattoos really seemed to have come along way since the last time I been inked.

    - - - Updated - - -

    This is what will be getting covered up.

  2. Sean kelly who is at kollective gallery in tremont ohio. Seen some of his work and fell in love with it. Kollective is a really different shop not like any other place ive been. The host art exibits and you'd really not even know it was a tatto shop.

  3. My names Jeremy im 35 years old I have not been tattooed in over 20 years. I am from Cleveland Ohio and looking forward to meeting all of you. I have 4 tattos and will be getting 2 covered up on November 19th after 8 months on waiting list. Im looking to do a full slevee I really like alot of the traditional Japanese and American tats. Been awhile but wow tats have come along way over the years. Quality of inks and artists skills im so confused about which direction I want to go. Hopefully my artist can come up with a traditional Japanese American neo traditional design. Im looking for some ideas so I can pass info along to my artist. I have this skull piston and tribal band i want covered up.This sites been very helpful and I will be setting up my profile up soon. Talk to you soon.

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