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  1. I'm Lilly, from the middle of nowhere in Canada. I'm getting a tattoo over Christmas; hopefully the first of many to come. :) I've been fascinated by tattoos since I was little and my uncle got his first one; a floral sleeve that I would stare at and poke whenever he came over. As excited as I am, I'm having a little trouble deciding what to get. :/ I have picked out seven (4 which I'm thinking would be more generic, 'first' tattoos to make the plunge with) designs over the last 3 years and now that I'm legal to get one, I've just got to decide which to start with. They've all got special meaning and I'm hoping that all you lovely people could give me a little help deciding. (I've posted a couple pictures for some of the ideas). 1) 'I am both happy and sad and trying to figure out how that could be'. Either in braille or white ink although I can't decide between my ribcage or forearm. (left rib- right -arm). 2) Peter Pan flying with the Darling children on the inside bit of my right foot. In black ink or wild orchid. 3) wallflower white ink under left breast. typewriter font. 4) everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. black ink. typewriter font. No idea where to put this...I don't want it on my shoulder for sure nor on my calf. Anyways, thanks for the welcome; I am super happy to be here! Cheers, L