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  1. I scab pretty easily too. What is your healing method exactly? I always thought that if you scab easily dry heal is the best...
  2. Hello brad. Where you from?
  3. Where in NY are you Matt?
  4. How many weeks has it been since you got the tattoo? And are you sure the scabbed spots "pulled" ink? It might just be cloudy underneath with an extra layer of dead skin giving it the appearance of not so solid ink. I would give it a few more weeks let it completely heal and lotioning it up a few times a day to keep the skin nice and hydrated (as long as all the scabs are off) and then see how it looks. My last tattoo scabbed heavily, i let all the scabs fall off naturally and underneath looked cloudy. Gave it a few more weeks and now the tattoo is nice and solid. Maybe a touch up here and there but way better then i initially expected.
  5. lmao that is great. How did you do.....oh wait nevermind, i'll just google it.
  6. What's googling? - - - Updated - - - Thank you!! I am aware i could've googled him but i thought to myself "hey, might as well ask since i replied to your post anyways". Hope that didn't bother you. Some people are very tightly wound here.
  7. Best thread i have ever seen and read hands down. And that video....fucking hilarious. I went to school with folks like that. I was the minority, needless to say they are all a bumnch of pussies that can't fight and are only tough when they are walking around 5 deep. @Kevin Campbell you are the man and i don't think you did anything wrong. You tried to talk her out of the stupid tattoo and she refused. @Ursula lighten up. This is tattooing, not law or medical field. Give the guy a break.
  8. For me, a cigarette right before and right after and i'm not an avid smoker but that is always what i do. No breaks between tattooing no matter how long the session is however my longest has only been 5 hrs. And i usually have an energy drink while being tattooed. But a cig immediately before and after is what i've been doing since i was 18 lol
  9. 3 year wait?!?! Holy crap dude!! This guy must be some kind of prodigy. What is his full nane and where is he located? I'd like to check out some of his work.
  10. got this in 2010. Got infected and is not finished. Made the artist make St. Michael more Zeus looking.
  11. got in 2011. In God I Trust written in Latin
  12. Oh my god that sucks. Sorry to hear that you have to get rid of such awesome art. However i commend your dedication to this country. I wish tattoos were viewed differently so this wouldnt have to happen. Good luck with everything!!
  13. One of the most truest statements i've ever read
  14. I hear you man but i bet that's gonna cost a nice chunk whatever it is. Do you know what you are getting?
  15. Holy shit i just looked at that guys work and HOLY CRAP!! Where is he located and how much per hour?
  16. No it's all good man. Frustrated for sure. I'm just going to let the thing dry up and let the scabs fall off. Hopefully all is well after that.
  17. This guy has been tattooing for about 35 years and is the owner of two reputable tattoo parlors in New York. He has even won multiple awards. He did 2 of my other tattoos that healed beautifully but they are black and grey (mostly shading). This is my first color tattoo, maybe my skin just isnt reacting nicely to the color ink. I highly doubt it was my artists fault but i can say he overworked some spots pretty hard because that shot hurt like a mother fucker after the first 3 hrs. I just hope it comes out fine. Right now i'm washing it 3 times per day with antibacterial dial soap, pat drying it, then air drying it then putting light coat of aquaphor on it after each wash (3 times). I hope that will do the trick. I don't want to let it completely dry heal because the scabs will crack and bleed.
  18. You're probably right. Oh well at least i know my artist would have no problem touching it up for nothing. Appreciate it!!
  19. Yea that's all. Sucks though but thanks for your input. Would you advise me to leave it alone for now or continue to moisturize it with lotion?
  20. Yea that's what i thought i should do however there are just so many contradictions out there that it has my brain going "what the f***!!" lol. People saying "DONT EVER LET IT DRY OUT!!" And others saying do not apply any lotion or anything. It's like what the heck to do?!? My artist said stop using A+D and just use a good lotion which i did. But the lotion barely moisturizes it. At least from what i can see it still looks dry and scaly immediatley after lotion is rubbed in. And i'm also afraid the lotion my get lodged under and between the scabs resulting in an infection. You can check out the pics i just posted in the introduction section. Thanks Graeme!!
  21. those are nice man. What is that on the elbow?
  22. Ok here it is yesterday which is 2 days after being done, you can see the ooze. And the other picture is today all dried up. And this is actually right after i put Eucerin on it. Still dry and scaly.
  23. Of course not, i know what you're saying lol. But yea i'm pretty sure my problem is that since there was so much black and solid color it was worked pretty hard causing a lot of trauma on the skin which caused a bunch of oozing the next 24 hrs. My problem is i just let the ooze dry up around the 6th time washing it i just said fuck it and let the ooze just harden. I was sick of cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. It would just ooze minutes after. This never happened to me before. I'm going to post a picture now.
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