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  1. thats awesome! are all your tats B&G/you planning on color? pretty rad overall aesthetic. simple, clean, readable.
  2. where abouts sf are you going to be? and what are some of your interests? if weather permits, walking around and drinking a few beers while people watching in golden gate park (or any of the other parks) would be pretty relaxing after a weekend full of tattoos. theres tons to see, and tons of places to just kick back in ggp. the de young museum is located in the middle of the park as well, but if you like low brow, graffiti type art FIFTY24 is a nice little gallery on lower haight to hang at. as for restaurants, options are bottomless. id definitely suggest hanging out in the mission (tons
  3. shared this in my introduce yourself thread, but this guy is traveling around america and stopping in my city. anyone heard of/have experience with/have thoughts to share about him and his work?
  4. @KBeee hey thanks i took up on your advice and ordered a couple books through UCSB's Interlibrary loan program! fuuuuuuuuuckyaaaaaaaaaa lets see how that goes. books should be gettng in within the week anyone familiar with takashi matsuba? hes coming around SF in May and im tempted to make an appointment with him to get something from him. any thoughts on his work?
  5. I am really on the fence about leaning towards a Japanese sleeve like Hospitelli mentioned. After being on this board for like 2 days, I really do think it would be more fun and neat to collect different styles and different artists. When said and done, eclectic sleeves always do seem to come together.
  6. paying homage to the croc hunter.... what an interesting idea. dont know much about him myself, so my opinion wont be much help haha.
  7. hey man thanks! unfortunately, the week of the 9th i have finals. and damn those guys have some neat looking books, but theyre rather pricey for something im not certain ill use. i did just find her on IG. again, big ups for the help.
  8. @Killercook76 interesting. yeah tebori was just an idea im entertaining . seems like a fun experience, but i had no idea it took double the time. perhaps youre right in it not being ideal. i do follow most those guys on IG, and boy do they have some neat stuff. ill keep an eye on them and their colleagues. i have a separate IG where i only follow artists, and have thus far racked up a couple hundred followings. thanks for sharing bud. @beez yes! that makes me so excited to pop by their shop. i just stalked your profile. are the snapshots from DC's IG your ink? thats fucking rad.
  9. Hi all So I’m currently in the market for a half to a ¾ sleeve Japanese tattoo. Because I already have my forearm tattooed, I do want a sleeve that goes from the wrist up to the elbow/a little bit beyond. I want to leave the bicep/shoulder area as free real estate, maybe adding to it later (tebori possibly). Not sure if this is a common practice, as almost all half sleeves I see are shoulder to elbow. This tattoo I have now feels incomplete and weak, so I do want something more badass/masculine. I’ve been toying around with different ideas of how to fill it in, but can’t seem to find visua
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