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  1. First sheet of flash I have ever painted, only time ive really used watercolour, red is done with a pencil, didn't have any red paint! Let me know what you think. None are original designs, eagle on the left is from a Collins sheet, not sure who the one on the right was done by!
  2. I did this one is a spur of the moment thing, i just wanted to get it finished. Thanks for looking hogg! :)
  3. Little coloured skull, done using Prismacolor pencils on black card (Daler Rowney) The first skull i have ever done, would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks a lot, Mike.
  4. Yeah i thought that as well, i haven't really had much experience with lettering, definitely something i need to work on! Thanks for the tips, much appreciated, and thanks for looking! Mike. - - - Updated - - - Thanks a lot, much appreciated for checking it out!
  5. Cheers, sorry i didn't realise there was an existing thread titled that. Thanks for the constructive criticism!
  6. A little design i came up with "That Much Further West" also a song title by Lucero. Prismacolors on black card! Let me know your thoughts, thanks :)
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    Hi guys I'm Mike. New to this (obviously) haha, just here to see what it is all about. Hope to meet some nice people too, been in to drawing ever since i was a kid, hope to post some of my work as well! I only have one tattoo at the moment, a traditional eagle on the chest, many more to come. Inspirations: Anything from Dan Higgs, Sonny Tufts, Bert Krak/Craig Foster/John Anderton. The tattoo of my own was done by Kris Boyd at Twisted Image in Hull.