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  1. I'm in town (in Northern Cincinnati) for my day job for a while, and would like to branch into tattoo photography (currently doing product photography) on my down time. I like tattoos and I like photography so seems fun. Anyone here in the area wanna meet up and get some shots of your work? Artists or canvases. You can have use of the images. My photo work can be seen on IG @Damage_photos if you wanna see what I do. Again, I currently do product photos with some lifestyle photos here and there. Mods, apologies is this isn't appropriate to post. No self promotion, just wanting to expand my skills/experience. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. Maybe if I posted that I was eating some bacon burger wrapped in bacon and drinking a bucket of coke-cola while I was painting? :P
  3. While the wife was off with her best friend getting tattoos on Saturday I was jealous and bored. Painted a rifle. Rattle Can Multicam by David Pyzik, on Flickr
  4. One more awesome thing. Went to Vegas for work and was was able to meet up with Jacqueline Carrizosa and shoot some machine guns too. It was her day off but she came up to the range anyway just to I could say hi and shoot some guns with her. If you're not sure who she is, she's a hot, tatted, motocross, gun chick. And all around awesome person.
  5. My 30th birthday was on Friday. My wife took me out to dinner Saturday night and said we were gonna meet her brother for drinks. When we showed up to the bar she had a surprise party waiting for me. She said she was going out to have a smoke and when she came back in someone tapped me on the shoulder, my best friend flew in from out of state to show up. It was like a surprise inception.
  6. Thanks! As bad as I want this I am going pass. I'll just get another gun related thing on my arm (left arm is dedicated to guns & Merica).
  7. Dang. Thanks for the validation. I really want it but don't think I'll like a blob on the underside of my finger in future years.
  8. So, I am a huge gun guy/shooter. I want to get "bang" on my trigger finger (not very original, I know, but I really want it). Being in a professional environment for work I am wanting to get it on the "under side" of my finger if that makes sense. While my wife was getting her last tattoo I was talking to the artist and he said that finger tattoos never age well and that he won't even do them. So, my question is do they really age that bad? What is the life expectancy (if that's the right term) for it? Would the font make a difference? I don't have a real preference on font so whatever is likely to last longer is what I would go with. Thanks for any help! Reference pic for location.
  9. Pyzik

    Join or Die

    The first "political cartoon", by Benjamin Franklin. Symbolizes the newly colonized America to either join together as a single nation and fight or it will die.
  10. Pyzik

    Modern Musket Hammer

    A musket cock (hammer) and an AR15 hammer. The evolution of the american rifle.
  11. Crappy pic of fresh ink. Modern Musket symbol. Local shop
  12. While somewhat cliché, I do sorta want the Don't tread on me snake. And the second amendment tattooed on me.
  13. Had our annual Michigan Gun Owners picnic and fun shoot. Got to show my little brother a few things. Also got elected as Vice President of the org. :) Here's a real cool pic of him trying out my M&P9.
  14. Headed down to Mississippi from Michigan yesterday to see my grandpa. Independence day, traveled through six states, was able to carry the whole way. 'Merica
  15. Thanks for the advice. I'll have to consider the color. Not much of a colored tattoo kind of guy (or at least I never thought of myself as one). I like the idea of where to put the emblem too!
  16. Bad ass! Great work. Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Tapatalk
  17. Our daughter (first kid) is four months today. Smiling at everything and starting roll all over. From Memorial Day.
  18. I want hand tattoo so bad... and a finger tattoo. Trying to decide if it's worth possibly killing my current career opportunities.
  19. In an unrelated matter, she was fired last week. :cool:
  20. Thanks for the compliment and the advice. I have a place that's been recommended to me a few times. I plan on stopping in on my way home from work some time this week. I'll throw my ideas at them.
  21. So, currently I have the tattoo shown below. It's my only tattoo for now. I've decided I think I wan to sleeve my whole arm in patriotic/2nd amendment type stuff. I've got a few ideas I'd like to use but I am finding it hard to come up with a game plan on how to place things around one another. I won't be getting the whole sleeve in one sitting (I have another expensive hobby that takes up more of my time/money). Here is what I have currently, And here are a few things I've been thinking I'd like to add: I would like to somehow incorporate the "three percenter" near my current snake, maybe on the back of my forearm... (without the red background) I was also thinking maybe a tattered flag fading down my arm to fill in the areas? I also wan this emblem somewhere, maybe my shoulder... (in black, no background) Too much for one arm? Just start getting things and see where it goes? I wish I could find a mannequin arm I could draw on or something... EDIT: Sorry, I tried to make the images smaller...