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  1. @suburbanxcore Love those! @Dan's anchor is perfect, too.
  2. My original post wasn't meant as a personal jab. If you hang around here for a little while, it seems to me that a user's body of posts answers all of these questions without a need to ask them explicitly--that is, I have a sense of how any given poster feels about these issues simply from having followed their contributions for a while. (But maybe I'm wrong.) So the survey format from a relative newcomer is a bit of a head-scratcher--like, why not tell us how you feel first? That's all.
  3. Seems weird for someone who isn't a moderator to ask us to take a survey.
  4. OMG. This is the coolest memorial tattoo ever.
  5. This type of tattoo has nothing in it that makes me feel the way I do when I'm looking at a really great tattoo. But it can be done well or poorly.
  6. @omeletta I love that! I especially love the way he did the water and smoke...
  7. I got tattooed by Chad on an "easy" spot (outer thigh) and didn't have bruising even though I'm a big wuss and bruise easily. If you really want to get tattooed by him, you should!
  8. It might discourage the trend of users signing up to ask one question and then disappearing. True, this is activity, but does it create a sense of community here? Maybe a small fee might encourage people to browse a bit before signing up? (Plus, hosting this site isn't free.) My first post was a stupid question about tattoo healing, for the record. I stayed because of the community (uh, sorry guys).
  9. polliwog


    Also, maybe once you're feeling more confident from looking online, don't hesitate to look at portfolios in a shop! The pictures are so much better even if you've seen some of the same images on Instagram, plus you can get a sense of whether your prospective tattooer will be kind and helpful for your first tattoo.
  10. @Padji Not sure how long Josh Arment is there for, but you should get tattooed by him! The tattoo he put on my leg a year ago gets so many comments from other tattooers.
  11. Maybe a one-time joining fee would be helpful.
  12. @a_beukeveld I very much want to get tattooed by him again. You close-to-Montreal people are lucky. It was pretty cool to have so many people come over and check in on what he was doing--there's something especially, I don't know, affirming about getting tattooed by someone who's so clearly respected by his peers. You know?
  13. I missed/forgot his name because I was getting tattooed at the time (worst time to be introduced to people), but I met a man whose entire body was done by Dave, including a dragon on each leg. Getting a dragon from him is absolutely a great idea.
  14. Hey, fellow woman with an untattooed partner! It's cool that it's working out for you guys. I tease my BF pretty often about what an ideal backpiece back he has (broad-shouldered, perfect skin). If ever a back were made for a violent tengu slaughter, or a battle royale...
  15. I totally ripped part of this off from someone else on here who responded similarly when asked how long to use lotion on a new tattoo. All credit goes to that long-ago clever person.
  16. I didn't use -derm on this and I should have. Live and learn.
  17. Hope my jokes didn't come across as mean spirited, by the way--they were certainly meant in a spirit of silliness. I'm in the middle of a difficult heal myself.
  18. Chad Koeplinger needs to make this on somebody.
  19. @mtlsam It needs to be butter from grass-fed cows. I recommend Kerrygold but my friends have had great success with butter produced by cows spoken to exclusively in Finno-Ugric languages. Okay I probably should have stopped after the first one
  20. @marley mission HUAT Have you looked at Erik Rieth's panthers? They might be up your alley.
  21. You'll need to repeat this process for the rest of your life so I hope you like dogs.
  22. Put butter on it and get a dog to lick it off.
  23. I really want someone to get a panther backpiece with a hot pink background now. Hot pink smoke.
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