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  1. Haha! Iwar unfortuently been British and from the North East of England means I have to care… ruins most of my weekends!

    Heard of most of those, apart from Jayne Doe and Alex Rinke ( so I'm gonna have a little look online now). Actually I am hoping to get "Jean Le Roux" from Black Garden to do my next tattoo, maybe at the Brighton Tattoo festival.

    Although you have a long way to go on that tattoo its looking solid!

  2. Thank you for the welcome Iwar, I done actually just my right forearm, looking to get more but having to pay for my fiancee's as well and every the gent hers come first.

    I am assuming you already have tattoos? That your back piece on your profile page?

    Too many great tattooers to be honest, emily from Black Heart in Epsom is one of my fav's she has tattooed my fiancee a couple of times.

    What about Norway? Not gonna claim that I know much or anything about your country bar the football. Many good tattooers?

  3. Hello all…

    …so a brief introduction, I'm 27 and live in London England working as a graphic designer / illustrator.

    So glad to found a site where tattooers and enthusiasts can come and talk. i don't have many friends who are into tattoos (apart from my wife) so would be cool to meet up at conventions talk, drink and chill.

    Also I love the insightful but down-to-earth interviews with artists I admire and hope to be tattooed by some day.

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