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    I am a tattooer at Art Machine Productions in Philadelphia, PA, specializing in large-scale Japanese pieces. Follow me on instagram for in-progress photos. http://instagram.com/resptattoo http://www.resptattoo.com/ http://www.artmachineproductions.com/
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    Philadelphia, PA
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    Tattoo artist

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    Hey all!

    Hello everyone. I've been a lurker for a bit now, I figure it's time to contribute. My name is Dave (Resp), I tattoo at Art Machine Productions here in Philadelphia. I've been tattooing for about 13 years, I mostly do large Japanese style pieces. I've uploaded a bunch of finished tattoos in the gallery here, and if you are interested, I post progress photos to my IG. I've currently got about a dozen full backs in progress along with an endless number of sleeves: full/half/legs. Glad to finally join this community :)
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