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  1. I got a tattoo from Mutsuo at Three Tides Osaka back in November. I emailed him about a month prior to my trip with a brief description of what i wanted and to my surprise his schedule was open and he was very accommodating.
  2. Souvenir piece from my trip to Japan last month. Completed by Mutsuo at Three Tides Tattoo.
  3. Horitomo - State of Grace
  4. Horitomo - State of Grace Completed 2008
  5. Horitomo - State of Grace In progress
  6. Mutsuo - Three Tides Tattoo Completed 11/20/13 in Osaka, Japan
  7. I have two half sleeves and chest panels from Horitomo. My right arm is a Haanya completed about 5 years ago and with a Fujin chest panel that was started 3 years ago. My left arm is a dragon and left chest panel is a Rajin. I have about 12-13 hours left. I dont live in the Bay Area any more so the piece is getting drawn out a bit longer. I wanted a souvenir piece from Mutsuo so i got a Daruma. If anyone ever visits Osaka, ThreeTides is worth checking out. Mutsuo is definitely a great talent
  8. I maybe biased since i'm currently getting work done by him, but Horitomo is my favorite. Im currently on vacation in Japan and the other day I saw Bill (wearing a Horitoshi I leather jacket) and Junii from Diamond Club in Kyoto. I was in Osaka yesterday getting work done by Mutsuo at Three Tides and Horitomo was there hanging out.
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