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  1. Hey Lyle. Thanks dude. You have an awesome collection yourself! Really enjoyed flipping through your gallery here. That Shaun Nel "pretty bird" piece is pure genius. You must really like Dumb and dumber :)

  2. Heftig! Det er jo bare en uke til. Gleder meg til å se utviklingen!!

    San Francisco er ikke før i slutten av september, men jeg gleder meg som en liten drittunge. Har jo fått masse gode tips om ting å finne på fra folk på forumet her, også av deg, så dagene kommer nok til å suse fort forbi.

  3. Yo! Hvordan går det med ryggen? Gjort noe mer siden sist?

  4. I love your hand embroidered flash Ursula! I'm definitely ordering something as soon as my wallet says it's okay :)

  5. Hey! Thanks for adding me to your friends list :) I asked Chris if there would be a dvd release of the Tattoo age series, and he said it would be available after the last episode airs in November.

  6. Thanks for the kind words Abby.

    Your backpiece is truly stunning. Really excited to see the progression of it.

  7. Iwar

    Insane collection! You're so spoiled for living in SF :)

    Any chance you'd post a picture of your Grime piece?

  8. Takk Stefan! Håper det ikke blir så lenge til.

  9. Great collection man! Your backpiece made my jaw hit the floor!

  10. Iwar

    Thanks for adding me :)

    We both have white cats in our profile pictures. What are the odds? :)

  11. Thanks kyle! What's your medium? Do you tattoo?

  12. Hey jeremy!

    Didn't we go to Heyworth highschool together in 97/98?

    Nice work by the way :)

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