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    Army Vet, livin in Cali but miss Kentucky.
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    Guns, sPorts
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  1. Hook me up with their number and I'll ring em up. Lol.
  2. I wasn't trying to insult those who make a living in the Ink biz. If I like the artwork I wouldn't have a problem compensating whomever I choose. It's free trade and was a suggestion I probably should have elaborated on. My apologies and no harm no foul. - - - Updated - - - I'm residing in San Luis Obispo County. North of Santa Barbara, South of Monterey.
  3. Hey all, Hope your Thanksgiving goes well and your travels are safe. I have a tattoo I had done by a buddy while we were deployed in Iraq. The concept looked much better than the finished product. That was in 2007. A coverup or facelift is well overdue. I know I can go anywhere I want locally but I'd like your guys' input and ideas. If anyone likes to draw/sketch, I'd like to see these ideas come to life on paper. Thanks much and look forward to hearing your ideas and concepts.
  4. Ok thanks. But why am i not permitted to post a thread of my own yet?
  5. Thanks for welcoming me into a group of fellow skin art enthusiasts. I look forward to hearing all about your stories and experience as well as seeing your artwork. I was curious as of why I an not allowed to post a thread?
  6. What's wrong with a little synical humor? Are you that dry? - - - Updated - - - What's wrong with a little synical humor? Are you that dry?
  7. They're only cool on little kids. These high schoolers doing temps are lame. No go.
  8. Sleeves are dope. Stick to it.
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