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  1. Spoke to the artist yesterday, and he suggested adding some very fine red outline/shading to bring the words out. I'm due in next Tuesday now for my touch-up, so will think about getting this done then also.
  2. Thank you, I appreciate the compliment :) I really didn't like it at first to be honest - I didn't realise how dark new tattoos can look before they fully heal (it just looked solid black), but I'm quite pleased with the shading and design now. Learnt my lesson to let a tattoo fully heal before making judgements! I still think the writing is a little obscured now though, and i'd like something to 'bring it out' a little more.
  3. Hi everyone! Just signed up today, had been floating around online checking out various forums, and there certainly seemed a better level of discussion and ideas on here than on most of them! Some amazing artwork on here as well, and some obviously incredibly knowledgeable people. Massive respect to all. I'm currently looking for a little inspiration - I got my first lettering tattoo done across my ribs a few years back (after much deliberation), and a couple of weeks back I had a picture of a feather added to it as part of what it stands for (pic attached). I'm due back tomorrow to have a little bit of a touch up done on it, and I'm planning on getting the words 'highlighted' somehow to bring them out a little more - maybe a red-ish shade added to the letters or something? I'm not an artistic person at all, so any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.