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  1. Glad you finally settled on something to finish your sleeves, do you know which Bosatsu they are associated with?
  2. Strongly considering a Kitsune now also. I love foxes in general, and although the 9 tailed fox is more mythical, still looks beautiful. Talking to my tattoo artist about completing my leg, he ran me through the options that work with the Tsuru and minogame I have on my thigh. Kirin, Baku or Kitsune are what I am considering to complete the auspicious animal theme, all with sakura in the background.
  3. Welcome! Awesome tattoo. The red crowned crane is my favourite! I have 3 of them now!
  4. Welcome mate! Very nice pieces.
  5. I had post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation on my arms, no problems at all for either of my sleeves.
  6. Yeh I would, from the pictures it looks like it's very old work, but if you are happy then that's fine, it's definitely a big improvement from what it was.
  7. I didn't mean put colour into the background, I just suggested getting it re-worked.
  8. I would look into getting to background re-worked too mate, looks rough.
  9. Nice improvement there mate, are you going to have the background re-worked also?
  10. If you are trying to learn how to recognize quality tattoo work then the portfolios of the tattoo artists mentioned in the other thread is a good place to start. Good artwork doesn't necessarily correlate to good tattoo work.
  11. Sorry, the page was in Japanese and the English words were misspelled, the page is here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Japans-toraditional-tattoo/525517887508538 I can't see a tattooists name, but the link to the website says 'Horihso' so possibly that is that artists name. Check out the facebook page, he posts some real nice Tebori work.
  12. Really love this simple Fox and Crane piece Am I right in thinking there are two types of Kitsune in Japanese stories? The benevolent kind and malevolent kind, anyone have any more specific info on this?
  13. TaeTae


    Beautiful work!
  14. @peterpoose No tattoo is perfect and even the best can make mistakes, to be honest though, considering your favoured style is black and grey realism, I don't think that artists work is overly impressive in that style. You are very dedicated to the work you get, respect for that. Hope you get something you are happy with next time.
  15. Great choice, I had also been considering Monju Bosatsu, but I think I am going to go with Fugen Bosatsu for my back.
  16. Love Diego's work. He has a really unique style. That Monju bosatsu is so nice.
  17. Yeah, I feel for you guys having trouble with your parents, my mother paid for part of my sleeve as a birthday gift. When I told her I want a full body suit one day, she was like ' that's cool, if that's what you want'.
  18. Welcome, please post some pics of your tattoos so far. If you search around the forums you will find plenty of information including tips on how to deal with the pain. You also might find the 'full back experience' thread of interest. You can find it here http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/crazy-tattoo-stories/870-full-back-piece-experience-thread-page21.html
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