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  1. From what I heard, hopefully a trip East this fall, no concrete dates yet.
  2. Grez just made this one on me a few hours ago... I'm in love.
  3. I feel like I just tend to give recommendations to reputable shops that I've been, but nothing overly specific. Especially when the people I'm talking to have the WORST idea.
  4. For your consideration. Just got this yesterday from Beau Brady while he was at Invisible NYC this week and a few forum members suggested I put it up in here. Thanks!
  5. I can't wait to see what she ends up with. Sorry you had to miss your appointment!
  6. Got to squeeze in an appointment with Beau Brady before he left town. Here are the results (picture stolen from his IG)
  7. Death on Better Days
  8. Anybody heading to the DeVita event at Kings Ave in two weeks? @suburbanxcore and I will be attending.
  9. Just managed to sneak an appointment in with Beau Brady while he's visiting NYC. Thursday can't come soon enough!
  10. So... Mutoid Man - Helium Head definitely should've been on my list.
  11. I'm not sure I'll ever do my hands, but perfectly fitting hand tattoos are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. I've seen that Hendricks one before. So good.
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