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    Hi, I am not usually a fan of gory vampire stuff but I have to say, the details especially on the jewels are quite impressive.
  2. He no longer lives in Vienna. Apparently he lives in Switzerland now. He has a facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/claus.fuhrmann?fref=ts Best Regards
  3. Baroque frame with portrait of a woman. Still needs a session for fine tuning.
  4. Hi Iwar yes I do. I got my first Ink 2 months ago, a black and gray piece on my lower back. It is due for some fine tuning in a couple of months when the holiday rush is over.
  5. I'm a tattoo newbie and am interested especially in black gray work. I am looking forward to gathering useful information and advice on tattoos and tattoo care. I particularly like classic, and renaissance work as well as ornamental work.
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