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  1. I used organic, eucalyptus soap from Nature's Emporium to wash and calendula cream to moisturize. My tattoo healed beautifully.

    Calendula is a perennial flower known for it's anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and healing properties. I don't have a specific product to share because my cream came from a family friend's basement (a retired pharmacist now herbalist), but I'm sure it can be found in creams elsewhere.

  2. Thank-you.

    It isn't too bad. So far the most upsetting thing is the prospect of being forever tattooless, though I think that says more about my love of tattoos than it does the nature of the disease, haha.

  3. Hi, my names Catherine, hailing from Toronto area. Tattoo-less but working on it; I know what I'd like and I know I'll adore it, I'm just a poor decision maker. I also need to have a spot test done, I may not even be able to get a tattoo because of some allergies and autoimmune issues. Fingers crossed. I hope to do that in the next few weeks.

    I'd love to be a tattoo artist, but for now I'm happy just doing sketches for friends.

    I joined to motivate, educate and inspire myself.

    Attached is the last sketch I was asked to do for a tattoo.


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