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    Dragon Guitar

    Freddy Corbin based my Dragon tattoo on this Stratocaster. The dragon is Mother of Pearl and Abalone inlay made by Antonio Tsai an artist in Vietnam
  2. Freddy is my fav. Temple is the best. I am looking to get another done there this year... Eddie is #1 on my bucket list.
  3. My plan is to get a tattoo on my right forearm of the family crest from my mothers family (she passed away in June) I also would like to add more imagery around it. Ideas? Looking for the artist that can make it happen. Ideas? I am willing to travel once I am committed. My sister thinks I should have it done in Japan. (I'll be visiting there in a year or so.)
  4. I just realized the same thing... My wedding ring for sure always shows, but all the rest just peek an inch or two out of the sleeves of a t-shirt. My next tattoo is going to be on my right forearm. Once I figure out who is doing it, it is done. During the summer it will always be out. I like dat. :)
  5. Just framed in two widows on our building: so now it's whiskey, beer, plus legal recreational weed, :D and having an all American meal ;) ribs, sashimi (raw tuna), grilled salmon, rice, nori, salad, pickles, chips, dip, etc. later fireworks @ the local fairgrounds while listening to folks firing guns through the night........:eek:
  6. It needs some shading and fill of some kind. / B&G or color. Have you tried talking with your tattooer?
  7. There's a lot being said, Freddy is way down to earth. My wife and me just spent 2 days in may with him at temple tattoo. It was a very good hanging out. I grew up in Oakland and know it very well, Freddy truly loves Oakland. He has a good crew too.
  8. Maybe. Waves with white caps, around a big rock. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Japanese+Wave+Tattoo&FORM=RESTAB
  9. I would say it depends on the tattooist and the tattooed. We never had an issue. I've always felt I was treated more than fair. Doing our first wedding tattoos with Dan, I think we asked just to get a clue. There was nothing weird asking. It is a matter of comfort. If you don't feel comfortable asking, you should probably leave. Getting the 25th anniversary tattoos, I didn't ask at all. I assumed it was going to be pricey. It was less than I thought, and it was less than the time spent by the hour. We were there 7 to 8 hours total and got charged for 4. Though as Freddy said "he had fun". I want to go back to just hang out. We were honored he took the job and I think he was honored to keep the continuity. Back to this: It depends on the tattooist and the tattooed.
  10. Thank you, It's fun to share. The level of appreciation here is why I joined. I mostly lurk, but it has been fun posting. Most uninked folks don't quite get it. - - - Updated - - - That was Freddy's third ear tattoo in thirty years. I'll do another post of photos after they heal.
  11. Freddy was like hanging out with an old friend. What a cool person. His interpretation of my dragon guitar and tying it and the XXV into the original Higg's tattoo. Wow. Every body in the shop was way cool. Always busy, at one moment there was the buzzing of 5 machines going. We both are very happy with our tattoos. They are everything we hoped for.:D I'm already imagining more ink. We don't know if we can wait for the next major anniversary...;)
  12. For me, it was underneath the ring finger for my wedding ring. For my wife where her lower leg meets her ankle hurts the most. She said her ear was a breeze, though the noise while being inked was a trip
  13. Here's what Freddy did to me. I love the way he framed the XXV with flames.
  14. - - - Updated - - - Here's the XXV added to Sylvia - - - Updated - - - And here is what else she had Freddy put on her right ear for our anniversary
  15. Freddy Corbin: Dragon and XXV 2015 Dan Higgs: Thou Art God 1990 Left arm
  16. Freddy Corbin: Dragon and XXV 2015 Dan Higgs: Thou Art God 1990 Left arm
  17. Freddy Corbin: Dragon and XXV 2015 Dan Higgs: Thou Art God 1990 Left arm
  18. Freddy Corbin Right ear
  19. Freddy Corbin Left leg "XXV" by Freddy Corbin 2015 "Thou Art God" by Dan Higgs 1990
  20. PopsBdog

    Wedding tattoos

    Dan Higgs 1990 Right arm Mister Horsepower and a Fender Strat
  21. PopsBdog

    Wedding tattoos

    Dan Higgs left arm Thou Art God on a infinity Mobius
  22. PopsBdog

    Wedding tattoos

    Dan Higgs left leg Thou Art God on a infinity Mobius
  23. PopsBdog

    Wedding tattoos 1990

    Dan Higgs 1990 Wedding rings Dan's first rings
  24. I just read the book again a few months ago. We have been grokking for 25 years, established 1990 "Thou Art God"
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