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    My 3 loves are my family, tattooing and music
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    Live Fast Die Young Tattoos in NE Minneapolis MN
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    I wanna ROCK and watercolor paint between tattooing.
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    Tattoo Artist/Skin Illustrator
  1. My left and right side pain theory has come to this..... I use to think it was a right handed thing but after asking clients that hasn't panned out. I think it may be left brain / right brain function. The right side of your brain is more emotional and the left analitical, so since the right brain controls the left side of your body maybe it's less able to get your mind past it since it's less analitically powerful??????
  2. Kinda on the subject..... does the left side of the body hurt more then the right in anyone elses experience. If so, any theories?
  3. People act like it's their ribs and feet so I have neither tattooed. My neck takes 1st place and my back 2nd, but when people ask I say ribs, feet and neck/throut because they are also a pain in the ass to tattoo. Near my armpit hurt like the dickens but inside it wasn't bad, I've heard that same experience from a couple other people too?
  4. Don't be afraid, I wanna be your friend! But we do need to be careful with how much we post is seen by scratchers :\

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