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    Aviator gal

    Watercolor by me
  2. haervaerk

    Girl and heart

    Fiddling around with watercolors
  3. From what I understand, copying has always been an issue. In the Hori Smoku documentary, they mentinon that Sailor Jerry sometimes deliberately made mistakes in his flash, to fool copycats into doing them. I recently read in Jon Nordstrøms "Northern Tattooing", that the old timers in Nyhavn often made their flash kinda shitty, with much less details than the actual tattoo for the same reason. The internet wasn't an issue then, but now we have photoshop, so who's to say that an artist couldn't alter a picture of a tattoo a tiny bit before uploading it to instagram...
  4. Iain Mullen from Imperial Tattoo in Stockholm did the one one the left on me last year. Took about 2 hours.
  5. On the bright side, he lost quite a few pounds real fast...
  6. Just exchange "How to shave your beard like a man" with "How to tattoo without an apprenticeship" One of you pros out there should make that video. Seriously.
  7. haervaerk


    Just a portrait a friend did of me while working. It gives a vague idea of some of my tattoos. Let me know if there's anything specific you want a bigger picture of
  8. Like any other situation: use your brain. Observe whats happening and act accordingly. Wash and rewrap until it doesn't throw any more ink.
  9. @Johannes Is it the one called "The Life & Times: August Bernard Coleman"? I'll start of by ordering that one, then. Just e-mailed Book Mistress and asked for any info on a more comprehensive title on Coleman. I'll post when if that leads to anything.
  10. @gougetheeyes Thanks a lot - I'll go check it out! @ChrisvK Thanks, buddy!
  11. I've been studying the oldtimers for a while, and for now, my favourite is Coleman. I'd like to study his work some more. Can't seem to find any books dedicated to him, though. There has to be something out there, I'm sure! Anyone here, who can recommend me some titles? It would be awesome if they at least has a decent amount of flash by Coleman in them. Cheers
  12. Me and my girl went to Riga in Latvia this summer, and that was INSANE! Everyone stared like crazy - some even stopped and pointed at me. I wore a sailors cap, so I can't for the life of me figure out, wether it was because of the tattoos, or my resemblance to Lenin (guess they're not that fond of him). I thought it was hillarious.
  13. haervaerk

    img 8150

    She swore vengeance on every sailor who had a black heart.
  14. haervaerk

    img 8136

    Fare thee well.
  15. haervaerk

    img 8125

    Sailor Jerry gone wrong.
  16. haervaerk


    Portrait of Cornelis Vreeswijk.
  17. haervaerk


    Portrait of Charles Bukowski.
  18. Welcome @Calle Olsson - would love to see some of your work, man! Cheers
  19. Imo it doesn't just demean the artform, but is a step towards undermining the whole craft. The more people who do this kind of thing, the more people will expect tattooers working for nothing. @Graeme noted earlier, that "Given that it's a pretty nasty feature of contemporary capitalism that it's even harder to make a living as an artist, illustrator, photographer, musician, writer, etc. because increasingly fewer people want to pay for that kind of work." Which is spot on. I make my living as an artist/illustrator, and I get request to do freebies all the time. Make me wanna fucking puke. Just last week a danish music festival contacted me: "We would love to have you decorate one of our bar areas, but unfortunately, we do not have a budget for this, but there will be lot's of publicity". Seriously - these guys have a million dollar budget, but expect me to work for nothing? Fuck that. It's come to a point, where I don't even write anything back - I just send them this:
  20. @TaeTae Just my profile picture. Nothing huge. Just a anchor under my eye. I've seen people with totaly covered faces, and imo it looks creepy. When it comes to the face, less is more :-) - - - Updated - - -
  21. Haha, sounds like a plan, @ChrisvK I've been to Gothenburg a couple of time to get tattooed at Göteborg Classic, and the city seems nice! Compared to Denmark, getting drunk in Sweden is damn expensive, though!
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