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  1. @SeeSea Hey, I've got a dragon on my arm (plenty of tiny scales) and also a raven on my back (those damn feathers were a nightmare!) lol Strangely, I did enjoy outlining them. I guess it's because of short and rather straight lines. Much less painful than long curvy ones.
  2. As my tattooer once said while working on my backpiece "be thankful you've got a tiger there, not some dragon - just imagine how tattooing all those damn scales would feel and how long would it take!". lol
  3. @Mick Weder Cheers, mate! A chopper's definitely on my list, ha.
  4. I totally feel you. So glad it's finished! Here are the photos, btw. Done and done, yay!
  5. @Cork I guess we're all very different. Though, my artist did mention that blue ink was really "heavy and thick", so it's normally a pain in the arse..
  6. @Cork whoa, that's totally awesome! Blue sessions are always draining for me... Last time my skin just wouldn't take the blue colour in.. had to ink and re-ink the area 3 times and it still required correction, ugh...
  7. Reading posts like this makes me realise how lucky I am. I've never experienced anything like this and I've got my back fully covered. I always heal fast. Like, REALLY fast. The bleeding stops completely in about 30 minutes after getting tattooed and my tattoos are always dry and clean. Still, I do get my fair share of pain and itching ))
  8. Everyone's tattoos are so awesome! This thread is killing it. Here's a pic of mine from yesterday's session.
  9. Had my oni coloured yesterday.. Took about 4 hours and some work still needs to be done as you can see..
  10. Update on my back ) Next session's scheduled for February 10. There should be only about 5 sessions to go..
  11. Three words: my effing back. I heal pretty fast but first 2-3 days are always rough..
  12. Cheers! :) Three sessions so far, about 16 hours in total. I've got another appointment scheduled for January 31 - gonna get that oni coloured. Can't wait!
  13. Nadezhda 'Norma' Gnatyuk. She's a local artist in Moscow, Russia.
  14. One more session down ) Spent about 4 hours on the raven. Those damn feathers, ugh..
  15. Hey, there's book called 'Yurei attack', it's good way to start. You can decide what kind of yurei you're looking for and then google the crap out of it, heh Also 'The illustrated book of japanese monsters' might be useful.
  16. My dad absolutely hates my tattoos. Mum, on the other hand, is planning on getting one herself, haha So I guess, my dad should just suck it up.
  17. Same artist. I've got four fairly large pieces from her so far and now she's working on my back right now. It's very important for me to feel comfortable with the person and we definitely have this kind connection.
  18. The small of my back... gosh... Also, my calves. For some reason they are like, super sensitive. And tend to I get awful muscle spasms. :/ My leg would jerk every 5 seconds and my artist (who's rather tiny) had to hold it down with all her weight. That was embarrassing as I normally sit like rock, ugh
  19. Ragen

    Hi there!

    Nadezhda 'Norma' Gnatyuk. She's a local artist (Moscow, Russia) and I just absolutely love her work. I've got a half sleeve from her as well.. And a couple more tattoos, actually, haha
  20. You don't see many tattooed people here in Russia, especially girls. So I get plenty of obnoxious stares... Not to mention that people are absolutely viscious here... and very rude! haha Mostly I just ingnore them. Why the heck would I let some stranger affect my mood in any way? I love my ink and I couldn't care less about people's opinions..
  21. Bepanthen's totally amazing. Well, it works for me at least. I never rewrap, though. But then again I heal weirdly fast - the bleeding stops pretty much in ten minutes after I was tattooed so my tattoos are always clean and dry and I never get any scabs.. for which I am eternally grateful, haha
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